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Sleep Paralysis with a twist.


Dec 26, 2015

Firstly I’m not really sure how to describe what’s going on at night.

I suffer from sleep paralysis quite badly..

I’ve always been told it’s been caused by my opioid use by the doctor and I’d say I’m a fairly heavy opioid user that requires opioids daily who is dependant on it and take Dihydrocodeine.

One thing I’ve noticed that makes my sleep paralysis worse is the use of diazepam which I very rarely take.

The sleep paralysis is the normal bit and I’ve gotten used to it in a way although it’s still traumatic.. (the first thing I do when it’s happening is start screaming)

The real crazy part about it is I can feel myself falling into it and fight it which causes me two switch between awake and in a sleep paralysis state rapidly., so because I’m fighting it I’m trying to get up, but at the same time I’m getting up I’m also loosing conscious and going to drop back on the bed so if you can imagine I’m trying to sit up but almost falling back down then gettting back up and also falling again very quickly.. I’m not unconscious long enough to fall back down just enough to start jerking.. if I don’t fight it, it will be normal sleep paralysis.

I’m well aware of what’s going on allthough I say I go unconscious I’m saying that because I think I’m going unconscious and I am unconscious during a normal sleep paralysis event.

May sound confusing but I’ve tried my best to describe it.

Any idea? Anyone do this? I tried to have a look on google but it’s hard to search for because I don’t know what it is.

I will speak to my doctor about it next time I see him but just wondering if anyone suffers or know what this is.


Mar 12, 2019
I occasionally suffer from bouts of being half awake as I'm falling asleep where I can't move but for whatever reason all I want to do is move so I'm assuming that is traditional sleep paralysis.

? Now night terrors are a whole different Beast I've had several and they are horrifying experiences have you ever had one


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Jun 6, 2011
What normally happens with me is I'm dreaming about something really mundane, then there is a sudden shift. I feel myself become paralyzed inside the dream and that usually induces panic. I think I'm dying, about to have a heart attack, etc, and I start to try to pull myself out of the dream.

What ends up happening is I enter a state where I cannot discern the difference between reality and the dream. I will make up momentarily then get pulled back under. The environment in my dream will be identical to the environment outside of it.

For example, I will wake up in my bed then fall back asleep and in my dream I will be awake in my bed. I become aware of this fact, and I fumble around for what seems like hours trying to navigate myself out. If you've seen the nightmare on elm street films, it's kinda like that.


May 9, 2007
Melbourne, OZ
plagued by worst-ever sleep paralysis when I first got into 3-day benders. every monday night without fail. glad that's over. scared the heebee jeebees out of me.


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May 17, 2007
opiates cause weird dreams. often waking up from nightmares into other nightmares. or just waking up, brushing your teeth, and then waking up and realizing it was a dream, thinking you're actually brushing your teeth, and then waking up from that dream ad nauseam.

mirtazapine causes something similar. or maybe the withdrawal of it. last night i realized i was in a dream loop but i couldn't move. i was in my bed and knew i was dreaming. it didn't feel like i was sleeping and i was afraid i wasn't getting any rest, so i was trying to shake out of it so i could actually get to sleep. or sometimes i was trying to shake out of it because bad things were happening. bad things from mild, like an ex-coworker being in bed next to me. to horrible, like someone or something standing above me about to hurt me. but i couldn't move. i could shake out of it sometimes with extreme effort, but then i'd find out i was in another dream instead of awake.

tonight i saw my pill week divider and realized i didn't take my dose last night. i don't know. i've been tapering quickly off of benzos as well. but it's happening with some frequency. i think i'd put it on the addition of mirtazapine to my life.

fucking sucks, huh.