Recruiting Seeking people with experience of looking after someone on a 'bad trip'


Jun 13, 2018
My name is Emily Shah and I'm a doctoral clinical psychologist at the University of East London, UK. We're looking for people who have experience of looking after someone going through a difficult psychedelic experience ('crisis'/'bad trip'/'freak out'). We plan to develop a model for being with, caring for, and supporting people through challenging trips. We would ask for roughly an hour of your time to discuss your experience of providing this type of care. This would be with me and could take place either by video call, or in person if you are based in/near London, UK. If you would like to find out more then you can reach me at [email protected] or via encrypted email at [email protected] We plan to keep recruitment open until roughly spring 2019. Unfortunately, we don't have the funding resource to pay for your time but your support will be greatly appreciated. Ethical approval was gained from the University of East London School of Psychology Ethics Committee. Warm wishes, Emily