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Question Schizo being castrated

Shall Schizopath become more edgy?

  • Yes, like nazi level edgy

  • Yes, mildly edgy like threatening to slit your throat

  • Yes, but just a little edgy - like posting gore now and then

  • Maybe, but only when needed

  • I'm a cuck and I think Schizo shouldn't be edgy

  • I like to watch my wife get fucked by other men and I think schizo should be even less edgy

  • I have erection problems, I'm a turbo-cuck and I don't think anyone should be edgy

Results are only viewable after voting.


Jun 30, 2019
Saudi Arabia
So here's the thing..
Schizopath, a dear friend of ours has been castrated by his moderator position.
He was edgy back in the days, but now he just isn't.
We need the edgy Schizo back.
So this shall be a petition to see how many of us want the real and edgy Schizo back, who talks about raping your grandma while planning to necrophile fuck her body.
Not the one who doesn't take stand on any issue, because he's a friend of everybody now that he's a mod.
I shall end this post with a deep quote.
"A friend to all is a friend to none" - Aristotle."