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Safer partying in an era of sniffer dogs and strip searches


Nov 5, 2001
Sniffer dogs and strip searches are a big problem at the moment, and not just for those who like to consume drugs. Basic rights are being eroded bit by bit with consequences ranging from inconvenient to fatal.

These days Bluelight is often seen as a hard core druggie hangout, for better or worse, and therefore not relevant to the weekend/festival party crowd. To address this, it might be worth discussing how the occasional user can try to reduce the potential harm, both legal and physical, arising from their activities.

Sniffer dogs and strip searches are being looked at in various ways, but any links to legal challenges, petitions or other activity would be helpful.

One other point to address is consumption. I'll state the obvious and suggest taking fewer pills, less powder etc. would make it harder to take too much when you panic at the sight of a line of sniffer dogs.

Would something like sustained release or delayed release MDMA be useful? As a practical example, breaking a pill in half then putting the 2 halves in a capsule then putting that in another capsule would slow things down a bit. It could be taken before you enter the venue and would kick in later in the night (or day).

What are your rights regarding searches? You can refuse to provide consent but can or should you physically try to prevent the search?

Obviously this isn't the place to discuss things like smuggling techniques, but I am interested in hearing suggestions or any information on this topic.


Aug 25, 2019
Just put the MDMA in a bag keep it I your mouth (prisoners do this all the time with razor blades) should be able to talk with it in your mouth

Other than that your only option is up the ass

And you have the right do deny a strip search but they have the right to deny you entry

N idk where you live but in the usa they ain't doin strip searches to enter a rave

Meth novice 79

Nov 11, 2019
I read today they’re launching an investigation into the incident in Sydney where these idiot cops made a bunch of young boys grab at their crotches during a search for drugs which incidentally didn’t lead to a single bust 😳

The dogs are known to be ineffective in up to 60% of cases and our police are losing their damned minds with all this power tripping bs.

How many ‘peer reviewed’ studies showing the effectiveness of pill testing and harm reduction over heavy handed policing do we need before the penny drops and they get their shit together?

This country is so damned stupid sometimes.


Apr 17, 2015
Police drug sniffer dogs are a joke. I’ve had three instances where I should have been absolutely fucked and apparently they didn’t smell anything.. It shows me it purely comes down to subtle handler cues..

That said, my motto is this... If an event wants to treat me like a criminal, I’m not going.. A rave/festival is meant to be a moment of pure unadulterated freedom. They’re trying to once again take that away from us.

There is plenty of smaller low key events that won’t put their finger up your butt, may not have that huge international artist you want to see but frankly that’s just part of it. Freedom is the true goal IMO, especially when psychedelics and empathogens are involved.

When I go to an event, if I got treated like a criminal I never go back.. Money is power people.

Also... Where I live they were getting bad about it until a few years ago when there was a backlash and people started suing and/or stop going. The venues had to change their policy, they stopped the (near) strip searches, and now most places if they do anything at all will simply wave a wand over you.

I live in an area that knows the power of protest. Once again, YOU are the customer, your money speaks volumes and if you decide to quote spending it on these fucks then they may decide to change their policy.