Rise Like The Sun.

Aeon Psyche

Dec 11, 2007
Rise Like The Sun

Degraged by the clouds. A paintbrush of embers confirms its solitude now
Accomplist of treasuring the rays of a positive attitude...Hostage in my basement,
Solar eclipse? I gone and stole the sun's embrace. I turn around like a subtle pace
uncovers half of my blankets. As my eyelids open and shut for moments to decode a realisation.
A worn out craving for more to put in it's place. I elevate.
Roll outta my bed so I don't step into mistakes. I mesmerise a lake but there's my friends.
I crash out of a possibility for meditation. I grab my tea, with a hint of essential vitamin C.
Interrogate what my extraterrestrials want from me? Have a brunch? Nah.
I grab my whole medicine cabinet to remember I left my benzos on the bed last night.
Oh well, It's saturday. It's whatever day. No special occasion but every breath I take
leads my blood pumping to exhillerating rates. With a smug face
I light up my first ciggarette at the daybreak. And when the day truly breaks, I'll have another.
Yes, Goddamnit! I'm quitting it, motherfucker! I see my reflection.
My mirror's ego is bigger than my first apprehension. I switch on the television on disney channel.
Switch, Click, I begin my adventure. I yawn a last time. Thinking of visiting the supermarket.
A few brews does wonders. But who else can confuse stupid mortals more than I'm used to?
God, give me a compass. I click on the compact disc listening to some cynical bullshit
but I love the instrumentals. No cause for consequences. I tend to stare at a few bottoms
but tend to pick myself back up from that dark hole I crawled out of
usually called a shadow when there's darkness sorrounding. What do I need?
The ray's innovation of making fun of my sweat glands while I barely make it back.
Crash on my bed. Risen from a dream with endless street lights.
I have some of my drinks. I feel alright. Hell, I wish with my love that everybody could feel like moi
Even when the flares in lost cities are burning man, I'm obsessed with my drugs
which are still stuck in customs held. Fuck it. Life is what you make it.
Or by theorethical geniuses like me, you already have made life what it's gonna be.
I'm reflourished. Awakened and if I had a sense of smell I'd miss that ketamine everywhere.
Even if I had an open lake. The solar's creation; a mosiac of momentarily questionable facts
but noone seems to care more than my unknown abrasive, as the radio shouts a whole lot of nothing.
I end my turn and my phase. Trump already looks like a degraded peach so why do we even wait?
I get aggravated and scream LIFE IS THERE! Embrace it! Shine like you never have shined
instead of PS3 today. It's a human race on time trial. Abuse of nature. Confused about so much
and I'm useless with the telepathy with this state I'm in. I just shrug it off.
A lover holds my back and further into my stuff. A hand on my shoulder felt like it was mental courage.
I accepted this. Ran on the streets and screamed to accept your missions.
The half wouldn't listen but a mirror's reflection gave some embellishment to this as an addition.
A scenery. A pleasure to have evenly-minded shreds of intelligence asking me what the hell when
I responded back, "Yes, and where is hell exactly at?" I yelled SHINE! Like the sun.
Rise up now as one. We can be the inner light. A rising from a waste of condoms and common,
let's colour our enlightenment and flourish for the rights we have!
Join our paths. Gone with the political nonsense. It's not so complex.
I arose, I flared, I burned, I lived, I tried to share it in vain but threw up instead.
A deafmute heared my message. It's just fucked up, they can't. I sprouted reason and meaning.
Into an amourous greeting. We could see a beautiful day with more than a moral leash
ARE WE DOGS? "No, It's the cops!" Oh, shit. Is this because? In an automobile they did drove me off.
But I know I DID SHINE as I motionlessly stared back in the sun's reflection on my cuffs....