Revolving Love

Peaceful Chaos

May 16, 2019
I don't need you to have my back.
Don't expect me to pick up your slack.
This world is harsh, cold and cruel.
I'm sick of being used and playing your fool.

I shoulda known not to let you in,
but this toxic love was my favorite sin.
Now I'm picking myself up off the floor.
My head is spinning from your revolving door.

I hate myself for wanting you still.
Hoping someday you'll learn to feel,
Or I'll become numb from the sting of tears,
Letting go of all my anger and fears.

Oh how you fuck me while I'm screaming your name!
Forgetting it's all just part of your game.
The revolving doors swing around again.
Is it the fucking or fighting that makes us a sin?

You say I'm a fat-ass, lying whore.
That's okay, I'll even the score.
Spew your venom if that's what you want.
Go on and call me a stupid cunt!

We've been here before, it's nothing new.
Here comes your fist right on cue.
You think that it makes you a big tough man,
Beating and breaking your number one fan?

The revolving door spins round once more.
But I can't feel your apology from down on the floor.
When I'm all but gone is when you give a damn.
You call it love but it feels like a scam.

So here we go around some more.
Fuck me again then call me a whore.
This revolving love has no end.
Each time it seems to we go round again.


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Nov 3, 2008
Very nice read, thank you for sharing.