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Reducing the "dark side' of coke, advice/ideas


Sep 15, 2011
Madison WI
So, my Rattie has a love hate relationship with cocain. On the one side it is perfect for clearing one's head and figuring things out in a self theropy emotionally detached way. Really great for blogging exc. It also does not last for ever, unlike certain other things. On the other side it's the MOST naggy "do more do more" drug she's ever come across. Rattie HATES that naggy do more feeling. Ratties is FULLY aware that Benzos and (as she prefers) opiates are great at dimming that, but rattie hates benzos and has a bit of an abuse history with opiates (her fav. class of drugs) so she is trying to figure out the best way to do coke by itself that is the least naggy.
Rattie's question for everyone specifically is, can you guys rate what is the most to least bad crash/naggy way to do this drug?

ways to do drug that Rattie can think of are, IV, IM, Rectally (plugging), nazal (snorting) digesting (swallow) eh... smoke? (can you even smoke coke (not crack) rattie never has, and anything anyone else one can think of.
In ratties experience IV is the most "fun rush" and also the worst crash that WILL make you into a compulsive junkie go-threw-whole-supply-in-one-night monster. Please rate from smallest to biggest crash and count every method you have tried. Thanks!

Also if anyone has advice on how to ease crash that does NOT involve taking other drugs (downers/alcohol... exc) some that i'v noticed helping are sex/masturbating, hot bath... going to try intense exercise next.
-Rattie Kati

T. Calderone

Bluelight Crew
Aug 1, 2010
You may get some responses if you edit your post and speak in the first person. Bluelight does not permit the use of swim, my pet, animals, etc. It offers you no protection from law enforcement and doing this is annoying to read. thanks!


Jan 3, 2016
England, UK
I have only tried snorting coke but i would assume that as with other drugs, the compulsive use/ craving is more intense when the ROA provides a bigger rush so the harshest comedown could be:

You cannot really smoke coke unless you convert it into crack.

I would not suggest intense exercise directly after cocaine as the effects on blood pressure and the heart are still present and could put your cardiovascular system under even greater stress, possibly leading to a heart attack. :\

Unfortunately, there aren't many ways to deal with the comedown. It comes with the territory and you kinda just have to deal with it, saying that however you could try taking some vitamins such as Vit C to help your body deal with the excretion of the coke. This won't really affect the crash though. You could try melatonin to help you get to sleep as sleep is the best thing for the crash. :)


Oct 7, 2005
Welcome to bluelight. We do not allow people to use the terms like SWIM, my pet dog, my friend, etc. as T. Calderone posted.

I only used cocaine once orally, and I enjoyed it way too much. But I did not like how short lasting it was compared to low doses of Dexedrine/Adderall, or even caffeine. So I never used it again.

BE VERY CAREFUL if you IV it or smoke it. Everyone I have personally met who got into IVing coke or smoking/vaping it as freebase/crack, and thought they could do this recreationally wound up addicted to it. I also know a lot of people who thought they could keep their use under control and not get addicted to it and they only snorted it, and the next thing they knew they were addicted to it. Stay safe.
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Dec 28, 2017
Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Weed could do nicely if you consume enough alcohol with coke. If not enough alcohol it could lead it to more up-time.

Benzos would be great if you have not consumed a high amount of alcohol. Be careful with them if you had consumed alcohol.