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Redefining personality to make the sex better


May 11, 2016
In regards to action potentials and basic nerve sensitivity;

So basically I guess we understand via wet dreams, phantom limb pain and unfortunately paraplegia (in that afflicted individuals still experience orgasm, despite being paralyzed from the waist down), so sexual pleasure is derived primarily from the CNS.

It doesn't necessarily require stimulation of genital organs - and actually from experience I know (as most of us probably do), that without that visual/sensory stimulation to garner interest - all the direct genital stimulation in the world can offer really only very limited pleasure.

So I'm working more on defining the actual symmetry of the process.

The main addition there is now the illustration of 45 degree axis denoting emotional and physical.

What clearly transpires is, above the center line or X-axis, that's potency - and staying above the X-axis, to the left and right of the Y-axis, we have emotional potency vs physical potency.

Below the X-axis, I guess the opposite of potency being intimacy - which seems to be reflected in the cues, "union, love".

And every cue is a STATE, no direct actions.

Relative to action potentials - so when we fire up someones senses, that's nerve induction;

Basically I'm trying to determine the electrical progression of stimulation, all the way to climax - and climax is actually represented by a big ass depolarization - which results in muscle relaxation, nerve discharge (endorphins and apparently dopamine etc), and subsequent refractory time until repolarization.

Overall we're propagating a strong electric current through the intimate zone (below X-axis) - causing nerve stimulation (primarily neural, presumably afferent/sensory additionally), until such a time as we get that complete depolarization.
Propagating that electricity in in in, into their intimate zone -

- until their head blows off;



Just as an aside - endorphin being endogenous or naturally occurring opioid, with that sufficient nerve induction and effective orgasm/muscle release and opioid release, I mean looking for that high depolarization...... certainly a motivating factor in going about life and living in many respects I believe.

Throw in with that the potentially dissociative element (that I've experienced myself at least - blurry vision, pins and needles, derealization sensation), optimized boffing could essentially be like taking ketamine/LSD with a culminating shot of opioid at climax;

And that's not even mentioning the associated reward based dopamine etc.
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May 11, 2016
Flow states.

We're moving onto flow states.

1) Emotionally - that's a flow state of outwardly propagating electromagnetic waves, caused via our own neural activity as a function of the emotionally wave relevant cues implemented in order such as to facilitate the flow state: "jealous union, love force".
Transpiring at a deeper level and thus being outwardly propagating waves that form a sort of "shockwave" dynamic, these cues have far reaching effects.

2) Physical - physical flow states. Causes a flow state of physical output, whatever that chosen form of output is, be it weightlifting, wrestling, sprinting etc - caused via physical wave relevant cues implemented in order such as to facilitate the flow state: "speed, movement, energy, control".
Being physical, these cues have local effects only, relative to our immediate area or scope of physical reach, effectively.

Basically in comparing the physical vs emotional cues, how they differ;
- Emotional, responsible for outward electromagnetic wave propagation based flow state
- Physical, responsible for physical flow state.

Flow state meaning optimal functionality and more or less as effortless as can be.

Point being, any neural application via cues causes resultant neural activity which is based on electromagnetism - but the specific form or perhaps strength and sustainability of electromagnetism caused?

Electromagnetism is waves thus, the cues must be wave-relevant in nature (having a smooth laminar state as to their alphabetical architecture), to be sustainable for implementation - and to be effective.

There has emerged the issue of wave fields or what physics refers to as "quantum field theory", if there is indeed a kind of wave field matrix upon which universe is based, assuming a fitting place on the "wave function",

(and thus optimization and a flow state) can be done exclusively via implementation of a wave relevant state of mind.
The exact physics definition of the wave function, it's not completely lucid but, relative to this application to me basically means, everything is based on wave functionality, so we must apply ourselves in such a sense to attain optimal functionality.

i.e. everything is a wave. Implement and function according to waves to facilitate optimal function,

i.e. to facilitate a "flow state".

So in the English language, there are exclusively 8 wave relevant cues.

4 for emotional
4 for physical

Any direct action based words (such as "incite"), not being states, do not have wave relevance, therefore cannot contribute to forming a flow state and are inapplicable.
Additional a flow state, is comprised exclusively of states, no direct action based cues (i.e. words which alludes to performing an action like "incite", versus a word which alludes to a state of being like "union")
Reason being, states facilitate (or are?) waves, actions do not and/or are not.

Differentiating between emotion vs physical wave cues,

Emotional - form outwardly propagating EM waves, i..e an outwardly propagating EM wave flow state

Physical - form a physical flow state, i.e. flow state of physical application, optimal physical application be it whatever the chosen physical discipline is.

- Again, flow state meaning - optimization, as effortless as possible with optimal possible results.
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May 11, 2016
But now we are getting somewhere—-you are not looking for “intimacy”, you are looking at how to attract a Mean, Nasty, Dirty disco-slut from across the room with one look and absolutely zero effort on your part.
okay, okay, this is starting to make more sense!

Why didn’t you state the objective clearly in the first place?
At this point, I'm re-quoting this posters contention as to my intention.

It wasn't 100% correct because my intentions are vastly more expansive on a grand scale - but what the underlined text describes is, a flow state.

Optimization and effortless.

So perhaps unbeknownst to this poster, they were describing a flow state.

Is that 6 months ago already?
Feels like not only yesterday, feels like a few hours ago.


Accurately characterized it feels,

- Waves that propagate outwards to good distances - e-motion waves (i.e. eccentric motion).

- Waves that propagate and expend locally and do not have far reaching effects beyond the scope of our physical reach/range effectively - physical waves.

Bizarrely I was thinking, "if I want to mind-fuck the entire world...."

Well, that requires waves that propagate outwards and can be felt from great distances.
Like electromagnetic waves, decay of course in terms of strength with distance, but theoretically can propagate for huge distances (earth to pluto etc).

Physical cues don't propagate these far reaching waves, thus application of a cue like "energy" or "control" has no place in e-motional application.

Similarly direct actions like "incite, imagine", simply they're not smooth enough to be waves, thus don't function to propagate waves.

Additionally, they don't really coincide with the idea of flow states, as flow states are effortless, but directly implemented actions are always going to be taxing, effortful, cognizance draining to maintain focus on etc. by default.

It would seem that waves themselves are in fact states, and never represented by direct actions.
Waves are states that flow, thus when the correct waves are amalgamated in the correct order, form a flow-state.
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May 11, 2016
Some sunbed/tanning information here;

Wavelengths and depths of penetration.

UVA the longer wavelength, penetrates deeper, acts deeper.

Shorter wavelengths act on the surface.

Via observation of the red curve, we can clearly see the wavelength of the physical cue sequence or physical-flow-state, is shorter than that of the emotional-flow state.
This is underpinned by the idea that linguistic terms when spoken, implicate general neural activity - specific neural activity/firing depending on that word, and given the nature of the word itself, will thus implicate the specific nature of neural depolarization - which subsequently dictates the nature of the electromagnetic wave generated by that depolarization.


- Physicality of shorter wave length, local manifestation and expenditure - acts on the surface as is associated with physicality.

- Emotionality of long wavelength, propagates to greater distance, penetrates deeper, acting in terms of feelings and emotional responses, as of course "emotions" are known to do.

Then of course each cue within each flow state has a specific wavelength we could associate with "surface" action analogous with say UVB rays, or "deeper" action analogous with UVA rays - which will dictate the state within which it should be applied, emotional or physical.

- "Energy", would it penetrate deeply?
It appears not.
Same for "control".
Thus they're both physical states.

- "Force" - well I know from experience it penetrates extremely deeply (or certainly elicits extreme high level sexual pleasure/gratification), when it's applied correctly.
"Love" touches them deep inside, thus again, associated with the longer wavelength.


- I just wish to mention additionally a field of neuroscience known as "optogenetics".
Basically studies effects of electromagnetic waves on neurons.
Acts in a way similar to ion channel activation, can potentially cause those neurons to alter their behavior/activity etc, subsequently implicating downstream gene expression.

So effects of electromagnetism via actual EM wave propagation is an active discipline, however I'd imagine these EM waves are generated by typical conventional means, and not studied in the form of emotional EM waves.

But the principle is essentially the same and in my mind validates the claim of neural implication via external (to that body) EM wave effect on cells and neurons.
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May 11, 2016

Just additionally to mention that, if we filled out them waves and extrapolated them along the x-axis, the amplitude of the emotional wave would be much greater than the physical.

In terms of EM waves meaning, it's effectively "brighter".

Which additionally explains its emotional impact on the observer, the neural impact of the emotion sequence vs the physical sequence (the latter which transpires more locally, thus not the same brightness or the same neural activating effect).

Again, consolidating use of our emotional cues;

Waves - what we have is the wave "penetrates" into the gal, that's the emotion;
i.e. "Jealous" propagates inside, which facilitates the emotional state - that's "union".

Then from "union" we propagate the emotion "love", which facilitates the emotional state, "force" (which is desired via the momentum coming from "jealous union" as per our diagram)

"Force" is the emotional state at which gratification occurs, thus our final application.

Thus, an emotion to an emotional state, another emotion to another emotional state.

Ultimately forms a geometric curve (and when extrapolated, a wave - as per a flow state) via potencies of the sequential emotions and emotional states.

And that's the flow state to complete sexual gratification.

Our other cues such as "incite/imagine/energy/control" I had compared for use in the emotional sequence - none of them are either emotions nor emotional states, no neural/interpersonal AFFECT (as they don't propagate inside) therefore won't yield enhanced sexual outcome, thus inapplicable for this purpose.
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May 11, 2016
Did a little experimenting yesterday.

"Jealous union, love force" - pretty much happening according to plan.

Chicks get fired up/emotionally flared, via "jealous" then flow in to a state of comfort by way of "union" into "love", at which point they wish to feel gratification through the tenderness of the state "love" - thus culminating with "force".

It's basically about a good hook up - which translates into good sex.

Both underwritten as it were, by physical attraction.

I was looking into this real cool'ish kind of difficult but ridiculously cute chicks eyes, and I could see them getting more and more aroused, like she was feeling the potential physical pleasure, but was trying desperately to maintain that cool demeanor.

So a good hook up to good sex, based on physical attraction.

But wait - what about waves, emotions, no physical imposition etc?

We already have a physical cue sequence for use in athletic/physical-based endeavours.
If it's based on physical attraction, wouldn't our physical cues be more applicable?

Well - physical attraction itself, is based on nerve stimulation.
Nerve stimulation occurs by way of wave propagation that penetrates deep enough to have nerve AFFECT.

Our physical application cues ("speed, movement, energy, control") are wave based but again, wavelength such that (i.e. relatively short) they expend locally, exclusively within the confines of our own body
i.e. they don't propagate inside others (i.e. beyond us) to stimulate intimate nerves of others.

So, what waves do propagate to this depth, to implicate nerve function?


Longer wave length cues that actually compromise emotions themselves, "jealous/love".
And emotional states, "union/force".

So it's kind of paradoxical - physical attraction is actually based exclusively on emotions, not direct physicality - and thus the subsequent feelings that emotions elicit from nerves via their internal/intimate based wave propagation.

i.e. Physical attraction = nerve AFFECT = waves (electromagnetic) = e-motion.


So today is 12 weeks to the day on "jealous union, love force", and the resultant behavioral presentation and neural model it has thus far transduced.

12 weeks may sound long, but perhaps if this process actually implicates neuroanatomical modification like novel/new neural/axonal projections by example (pretty much complete speculation as to whether it does or no, but fun to think about), still a relatively modest amount of time.

Previously, for complete personality/character transformation, it's been more in the realm of about 4.5 months, 18 weeks or so, give or take.

None the less, as of yesterday I'm very encouraged about that immediate spark response, and of course the direct resultant potential sexual manifestation that can come about as a direct result of that.

And bear in mind, we're not talking drunk disco gals, no.
We're talking broad daylight, fully cognizant, self aware, senses not implicated via exogenous substance - gals.

- And to reiterate, I've done the having sex with 10's of drunk sluts already. Ad nauseum.
The quality of the sex is what I'm concerned with and as outlined, that is a DIRECT extrapolation of the initial chemistry and immediate spark response (i.e. emotional/nerve response), so that is my pretty much exclusive focus at the moment, looking for and observing the nature and potency of that immediate spark response.

- And when that snap response becomes adequate and the sexual impetus overwhelms the gal in question, the stickiness follows intuitively (in theory and via experience, quality of such being in accordance with potency/functionality of that initial spark response and initial chemistry) - broad daylight etc - then that's true gender equalization on the level of sexuality/sexual-leverage.

Then we're on the way to finally having legit, functional, financially viable, potentially lucrative prostidudes....

(notice these rooms are RED not BLUE, which means they're men trying to sell sex to women, not other men).

PS - I think this was a legit experiment, but ultimately this was a satirical photo - and not one woman paid for sex that day.
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May 11, 2016
This feels like the semantics challenge;

Cause why?

Cause it's an attempt to attain better and better definition behind the actual process.

So we're about blowing some hotties head off.

How we're making her feel, "feelings".

The cues were derived on the basis of "excitatory-motion"/emotion, ultimately wave relevance.

But this needs to be defined in more relatable day to day terms also.


Feelings like passion, happiness etc.

- "Jealous" is a feeling.
- "Love" is a feeling.
- "Force" is something we feel, or can make others feel.
- "Union" is something we feel, or can make others feel.

Comparatively, "imagine/incite" - they're not feelings;
- Can't say "I feel so much imagine for that person".
- Or "I feel the incite of that person" etc.

No application for our purposes.

Physical cues of "Energy/control" - they're not feelings in the emotional sense, in the intimate sense.
i.e. we can't make someone feel "energy", or we can't make someone feel "control".

The latter are more physical states that we can only apply to ourselves to affect our physical output.

Relating this to wave propagation.
- The feelings/emotion cues, propagate with long wavelength and have AFFECT.

- Physical cues, "Energy/Control", really they manifest as wave states through physical application.
As they don't make others feel anything in the emotional sense, thus don't propagate EM waves outward - thus don't have sexual application.

Point being, more everyday description of long-wavelength EM waves implicating neurons and sexual/emotional response being,


"Jealous union, love force" - implicates the feelings of others, how they feel in the conventional sense.
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May 11, 2016
If anyone's trying to keep up with these awful walls of text, I feel you.

Perhaps it's exasperating but, there's something hidden beneath the layers of noise here, and when it's clarified and elucidated, it will be so beautiful;


Touching them deep inside.

That tender, hidden, forbidden sensitive area.


Actions can't do that.
Direct actions have no neural affect, as they're direct actions not waves - they're aversive to neurons/nerves, cause neurons operate on the basis of action potentials/EM waves, and only respond as such.

All waves,, every thing we apply interpersonally for the purposes of intimacy/sexuality etc, is a wave - long wavelength as observed with UVA (penetrative) vs UVB (stops on surface).

The waves must propagate to that deep inside place.
They must have a sense of intimacy to them, resonate with a sense of intimacy.

Not outward, not overt - discreet almost - aka long wave length.

"Jealous" will get them fired up in that deep place.
"Union" will bring you together with them there (and by "you" I mean, me)
"Love" applies a sweet gentleness kindness
"Force" satisfies, right on the deep intimate, tender spot.

"Energy" can't propagate far enough inside to touch them there, intimately.
Neither can "control".
"Incite/imagine" etc, not even waves, direct actions, no wave propagation - no relevance even.

Clearly at this point I'm rehashing this for my own personal sense of clarity.

Social responses are still on target - high emotion, flared temper response (from total random strangers I'm bumping into on the street), giving way to sexual desire etc.

There's one other beautiful aspect of this that's become apparent to me - and this is sweet like raspberry jam;

That social validation/superiority/alpha-male, territorial, dominant persona bullshinanigans.

Man it drives me crazy with disgust, because it incentivizes degeneracy and compromises quality of life and living - but chicks love it, they get off on it.

High emotion transcends that, outstrips it basically.
That egocentric, billy-bad-ass, bad boy trash that hotties glamourize - send their emotion high, get their temper up, and it exposes it for the absolute nonsense that it is;
And it does so for the very simple reason that high emotion captures their attention far more acutely than that ridiculous rebellious/territorial persona idiocy.

It's beautiful.

I'll expand on this further in due course with some anecdotes; stay tuned.
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May 11, 2016
"Jealous union, love force".

This is the mechanism, but the understanding of how it works and why it works as it does, grows daily.

Flow states.

We're focused on waves.

A wave = a smooth, laminar fluctuation propagating through a viscous medium.

Therefore, each component of our flow state, each word, has a smooth laminar state to it.

It must, else it doesn't flow and is inapplicable.

What occurred to me was, say we wanted to translate this to another language.
How would that be done if each word depends on that laminar nature?
The translations may not be direct.

I vaguely speak Dutch, and was interested in the translation.

"Jealous" = "jaloers", that's easy.

"Union" = "Unie", again, quite direct - both have the requisite laminar nature and flow.

"Love" =..... not so easy. Their typical word for "love" is "liefde", which absolutely does NOT have a laminar smooth nature to it, either in pronunciation or alphabetical architecture. It doesn't flow.
However, the word "hou", does.
Does it have the depth of intimacy associated that "love" has?
Not sure, but it translates somewhat as, "hold", "keep close" etc - which I guess reflects that physical intimacy.

And it feels like it flows.

"Force" = ..... again, not straight forward. Their typical word is "kracht". Does NOT flow, NA.
However, the word "macht", does flow.
The latter basically meaning "power/force" etc.

"Jaloers unie, hou macht" - in terms of the translations available to me, that was the deduction made in terms of applying laminar/smooth words to facilitate the flow-state.

And it feels like it works.
It feels to ultimately encapsulate a similar e-motion property and would have similar/same functional emotional (wave propagation) property.

If feels like if I was laid on top of some chick giving her some of the old in/out - in/out, then it would administer similar pleasure/gratification to "jealous union, love force".
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May 11, 2016

On the left:
Our waves that propagate internally, stimulate nerve activity and administer pleasure.
High amplitude, long wavelength.

On the right:
Shorter wavelength. Lower amplitude. Waves manifests physically, via physical application.

Point being I guess, the two don't mix.
Physical/short wavelength cues, are inapplicable emotionally, as they dont activate neurons in the desired manner. They manifest externally.
Emotional cues are too long in terms of wavelength and can't render externally physically manifested yield, not strong enough.
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Oct 7, 2005

He would see faces in movies, on T.V., in magazines, and in books...
He thought that some of these faces might be right for him...
And through the years, by keeping an ideal facial structure fixed in his mind...
Or somewhere in the back of his mind...
That he might, by force of will, cause his face to approach those of his ideal...
The change would be very subtle...It might take ten years or so...
Gradually his face would change its' shape...
A more hooked nose...wider, thinner lips...beady eyes...a larger forehead.
He imagined that this was an ability he shared with most other people...
They had also molded their faced according to some ideal...
Maybe they imagined that their new face would better
Suit their personality...Or maybe they imagined that their
Personality would be forced to change to fit the new appearance...
This is why first impressions are often correct...
Although some people might have made mistakes...
They may have arrived at an appearance that bears no relationship to them...
They may have picked an ideal appearance based on some childish
Whim, or momentary impulse...
Some may have gotten half-way
There, and then changed their minds.
He wonders if he too might have made a similar mistake?


Jan 20, 2009
I'm probably an exception to the rule but I find only sexual or emotional attraction towards someone I've known since I was very young, well my 2nd cousin. I also have a 3rd cousin who's pretty and attractive that's 8 years younger than me

Everyone else, I feel attracted to physically but getting to know them starts to turn me off immediately. I've even worked on my game a lot over the years just picking up girls because I have this ability to not care at all. This ability isn't really acquired though since I genuinely don't have any feelings for these people

I like reading about these theories. They're interesting because they tell me how others think about themselves. Then I try to figure out how the girl thinks about them based on what they believe about themselves


May 11, 2016
To create a very tight bond/seal, there's an element of the vacuum effect, suction, tight bonding, tight seal....

At 12 weeks+ it appears the application is consolidated, but still understanding more and more how it actually works, and why it works as it does.

"Intimacy" = that tight bond, vacuum seal almost.

"Jealous union, love force" - it's like "Jealous" pulls them in initially, "union" causes that suction, "love" accentuates that suction to a very deep level, then "Force" really tightens up the bond for real, and almost.... bizarre as this sounds but, it's like it pumps it,

I was looking for some kind of a visual representation of this, of which I could not find much clearly.

But the general suction dynamic.

How does this transpire?
Does it relate to magnetism?
Subsequent electrical propagation?
Like electromagnetism relating to the wave based nature of our relevant cues?

But it's emotionality applied into emotional-physical states ("union/force") thus has a dynamic element to it.

A tight bond, a seal, suction to a great depth, then a culminating "force" which accentuates the bond, applied gratification by way of it.

Is this the new definition of "intimacy"?

So it's basically the tightest, most intimate, most sticky and powerful bond (think of glue, not human co-dependence) - being the outcome.
Culminating with "force" thus gratification.
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May 11, 2016
Coming at this from a different approach.

Social dominance.

Social hierarchy.

Alpha male.

Man in charge.

Billy bad ass.

Does that not just drive chicks nuts?

"Jealous union, love force" - the base being "force", social dominance by way of violence basically.

Way back in the Psych-Forum days, I had this cue setup,

"Dominate, Deviant, Defile" - it conveyed that real alpha male presence.
Chicks loved it, had some really nasty ass sweaty sex on that setup.

This is kind of similar but, the authoritative action ("force") is in final position - and everything before that is essentially an invitation or lead into it.

There's definitely a social dominance factor, social hierarchy, alpha male dynamic that I had been overlooking until now.

Just hadn't considered it cause teh focus was on boffing chicks to orgasm.

But chicks getting turned on like crazy and that social dominance by way of violence thing, are they inextricably linked - like space and time/space-time-continuum??


I think the historical approach has been, dudes trying to be socially dominant as a means to get laid.

But I think I've come the other direction; social dominance being a product of optimizing having sex with chicks.

The two being linked, I guess they meet in the middle in some sense, can't have one without the other.

However, the historical nature of social dominance, explicit, in-your-face violence - due to the position of our violent cue "force" here, 4th position after the former three, that precludes the impositional/pain-in-the-ass element.

So it's a novel (and I believe, much superior) form of social dominance.
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May 11, 2016

I'm trying to focus on visualization of the "vacuum" effect with this.

See hot chicks - they have the ability to basically "suck dudes in".
The allure of physical attraction I guess cause the allusion to gratification/pleasure.

Men (thus far) don't have that ability.
Below our center line, that's entirely non-impositional, and given that crap rolls downhill, when you're non-impositional and thus vulnerable, I guess that's when you can "take shit".

Presenting that kind of vulnerability, i.e. presenting a "union", or presenting "love" - they essentially translate socially as vacuumous states.

But to ensure they're optimized, we can accentuate their application with "jealous".

Two reasons we might "take shit",

1) Mofos are jealous of you

2) Cause you're vulnerable, i.e. mofos can give you shit, so they will.

So we're essentially combining the two to really enhance the "come at me bro" effect, essentially vacuumous in terms of its intake.

I guess the hooking up dynamic is certainly analogous to the "taking shit" dynamic;

And then we cap off that "sucking/vacuumous" inflow with "force" - I guess analogously, to really ensure good suction.

And we can contrast good "suction" with good physical contact.

I mean let's face it, intimate acts - kissing, felatio, even pounding itself - in many respects each is based on a sticky, wet sucking basically dynamic, getting a good tight suction like bond.
Closeness etc.

This should optimize that process.
Optimize the tightness and wetness and sticky hot intimacy via that vacuumous effect.

So we've got,

1) our social dominance dynamic

2) our electricity dynamic

3) our vacuum dynamic

And they're all somehow related,



May 11, 2016

Waves - generated via vibration of an object (oscillating paddle in this case), and waves generate vibration in a subsequent object.

Wave particle duality in one sense - but essentially waves are laminar fluctuations propagating through a viscous medium.
Well, they propagate when the medium is viscous; when the medium is not viscous, they cause it to vibrate.

So, waves generate vibration, and vibration generates waves - the formation of each being a function (or dependent) upon the material being implicated (water by example = waves. A steel rod like a tuning fork = vibration, etc).

Again, Jason Padgett describes this more accurately than anyone else I've yet to listen to,

What underwrites waves is, laminar, smooth, flow.

Via our physical wave cues (cues being, words of smooth, laminar, flowing nature), cause wave like states of our physical application (again, be it weightlifting, sprinting, wrestling - etc).
Much more effective, less effortful, optimized results, and certainly more appealing to look at.

Neural cues, or behavioral cues, emotional, interpersonal cues etc - they cause wave propagation via our neural activity.

And - as Jason says, "a wave, within a wave".

He's focused on fractals, which is reflected in the "mandelbrot set", the large piece being a reflection of the smaller comprising pieces (and vice-versa).

Thus our wave cues, compiled in order such to form a flow state, i.e. a wave.

A wave within a wave.

Each object has it's own wavelength (ourselves as people included), but wavelength being proportional to mass, ours is too small to consider.

Point being, everything is a wave.

Beauty, is symmetry and flow - an outward reflection of what's inside.

And what's "inside" appears largely underwritten by, how we think (which dictates neural/cellular firing/function - extrapolates outward).

Think in terms of waves, then we can flow in laminar like fashion.
So in that sense, "life is so much easier for beautiful people" (beauty being a product of laminar neural function, expressed via correlated gene expression - creating that "symmetry" of appearance, being attractive), I think attributable to their wave state.
And naturally we intuitively infer they have better sex lives, which via wave state, they almost certainly should have.


And here's the part you're gonna love;

Most chicks are brought to orgasm more easily with a vibrator.

Did I post this here already?

But in any case, most chicks by far, rarely if every experience orgasm via vaginal penetration exclusively.

Waves induce vibration.

Thus our correctly tuned emotional wave, "jealous union, love force", propagates that wave to stimulate afferent nerves.

Yeah actually I don't know if it's wave to vibration etc or how that works yet - it's funny but for the scores of chicks I've slayed over so many years, I actually haven't boffed a chick since back in March (or before even?), since I fully deduced "jealous union, love force".

But basically waves to vibration to waves, that's what we're seeing here.
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May 11, 2016
What cue is gratification based?

In other words, when we're fucking, what cue is the one that gratifies?

Can we,

- "Energy" our way to gratification?
- "Control" our way to gratification?
- "Imagine" our way to gratification?
- "Incite" our way to gratification?
Do any of these reflect what transpires during a good satisfying fuck?

"Oh wow, I really got my rocks off with all that control I applied whilst fucking that disco skank last night".

lol - nuh.

"Force" our way to gratification?

"Oh wow, I really got my rocks off and felt totally satisfied, had a really good unloading and really hot, sticky, intimate personal session, after all that force I applied (and felt) whilst I was on top of (and underneath), that disco skank last night"

Controversial but ultimately, "force" is the basis of a fuck.
"Force" is the application that sex is based on
(when it's any good).

All the other cues are just precursors to the civilized, appreciated, desired and attractive application of "force".

In our sequence, each cue immediately before, facilitates the cue immediately after it.

- to apply "force" requires "love".
- To apply "love" requires a "union".
- To have "union" requires "jealous".

Thus, "jealous" is the primary initiator (as we all pretty much know from social experience).

Without "jealous", there's no spark, no chemistry, no real attraction or anything to make them "come at us bro!!".
It's the one that gets tempers and emotions up, and that is critical.


Bottom line is however, everything is ultimately a flow into "force".

"Force" is the bottom line application.
And everything before must allow for flow, into it (i.e. maximum desire to approach, and maximum approachability).

Again, I'm rehashing information, but for clarity.
13.5 weeks in.
18 weeks is my hypothetical deadline.
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May 11, 2016
Continuing to reconcile this application with social presentation and, "alpha male", what's historically been perceived as making women weak at the knees.

Now bear in mind, I'm coming the other direction.

Alls my concern was/is, is blowing some hotties head off in bed.

So where's historically dudes have tried/try to be alpha a means to be hot/appealing to chicks, I'm supposedly (hypothetically) acquiring some kind of social dominance by way of being appealing to chicks.

When it comes to social dominance, "alpha males", other dudes can get touchy;

"I'll show him who's boss" - WHAT'S UP BRO!!

And to be honest, that's exactly the type of social feedback I've been getting.

Dudes who consider themselves "alpha daddies" have been trying to get in my face.

You believe that shit?

But I kid you not, they have.
Curious, even on the verge of a potential social conflict (of which I have never been in in muh life, not even a shoving match), I find myself being unable to back down.

There's this dude, former strongman champion and bare knuckle boxer, former pro boxer - he got in my face.
No one stands up to this dude, he's the most feared individual in this little cousin fucker town I'm based at the moment. Dude is huge, 6 ft, maybe 120/130 kgs - beast.

Simply by way of how the interaction went and the emotional dynamic, our conversation finished up by me laughing in his face and basically saying, "if you're gonna do something tough guy, let's go", this was after he basically tried to son me, so I laughed at him and said the previous.
Emotions went high and it felt like he was RIGHT on the edge, but we parted peaceful like.

Sounds like it might get me in trouble with police and create an unbecoming social scene.
Other side is, I'm a sweet dude. This guy is a plague on the face of society that's been puffing his chest and intimidating citizens, for fucking years.
Remember Don Vanucci from the GodFather? Expecting people to kiss his hand and intimidating anyone he perceived a threat?
This dude is his stunt double.

You know that "fight/flight/freeze" type of thing?

I was always, ALWAYS in the "freeze" category.
All muh life.
Even as a competitive boxer/wrestler, social confrontation - I was "freeze".

Now I've been out of training for over a year, and with the full correct four cues, "jealous union, love force", my emotional response makes me feel like I'm ready to throw down with any piece of trash who's trying to get in my face.

A couple months back and I had just two cues, "jealous force", remember that??
Some trash got in my face once.
I froze - NA, no good.

Same piece of trash pulled same stunt recently.
Four cues, full dynamic - "jealous union, love force" - let's do it pal.

It's emotional flow, emotional dynamic, emotional response.
When it's right, it's right.

- Again, with chicks, same deal; "jealous force" - no hotness.
Full 4, "jealous union, love force", sexual satisfaction is just a trouser drop away.

Point being, being genuinely alpha male does in fact seem to correlate to actually pleasuring a woman in bed - consistently.
As in, a sustainable paradigm.

But what does "alpha male" even mean (by this new novel standard)?

"Jealous union, love force".

Coming at this by way of social explanation and putting to the side the sexual agenda; just social dominance for now,

"Force" is violence.
"Jealous" is an emotional flare, thus initiation/encouragement into violence.
"Union" to "love" is the perfect flow between the two, facilitating ease - a perfect flow/perfect contact from the emotional flare which may cause violence potentially, directly into the violence itself.

So socially - what are we seeing?

We're seeing (hypothetically) alpha male assertion by way of - I guess - intimidation?
Encouraging everyone we meet into a fight, basically?

- Though in truth it really only seems to affect those that are most prone to getting rattled;
The "tough guys", the social misfits, degenerates who think they're tough but only rob old ladies purses etc.
They seem to get super rattled.

- In contrast, I was sat by a lake over the weekend and some old couple sat down beside me and smiled and said hello, conveying at least they thought I presented as a nice young gentleman.

Are we seeing, the perfect sexual paradigm being in fact, the perfect social paradigm?
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May 11, 2016
So maybe so far to say, those that capitalize on the "crap rolling downhill" dynamic, does "jealous union, love force", encourage them in their ways of badness?

But naturally to be met with "force" (i.e. explicit, head on, even-stevens violence, which 99% of bottom feeding generate types can't handle - they look for weak prey)?

Alls I know is, it's not fully cooked yet - about 5 more weeks of "transduction" for potentially full behavioral outcome.

And, the societal dreggs are the ones getting most rattled.

Rest - TBD.


May 11, 2016
Kind of like this new, contrived, hypothetical and as of yet, entirely unconfirmed idea of myself I have.

Alpha male.

Alpha daddy.

When I walk I make the ground shake, and the resonance transfers into the soles of passers by, vibrating up their legs, tantalizing the loins of young women in my wake,