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Opioids Quitting 2 year addiction with zero withdrawals


Apr 24, 2013
I have a total of 720 more or less (counted out 744 few days ago), of 50mg tramadols. All types of brands from 377 to 319 to an627 anything I find I buy the whole supply sorry for self incrimination if this is incorrect to say. I have been taking 350mg daily spread out 200 at wake and 150 8 hours later for two years come march.

I counted enough tramadol to tapper as follows:

4 weeks at 300, 4 at 250, 4 at 200, 4 at 150, 4 at 100, 4 at 50. My goal is to have no withdrawals which I can not handle tramadol withdrawals they are physically and mentally debilitating I'll lose my job. Will this help me get off with zero withdrawals or damn near zero. I'll be fine? Like no taking a week out from work to cry and vomit and barely make it through each hour. I feel like I done it I got my way out.


Dec 11, 2011
United States of shut your third god damned eye fo
Congratulations on choosing to get off painkIllers! have kicked habits to opioids much stronger than tramadol plenty of times before. That being said - if you're capable of weaning off a drug gradually the way you are planning on doing then you should have, at best, mild physical withdrawals, although everybody is different.

The real torture of being off of drugs (opioids in particular) is the down-time and many hours you will have to endure now, sober, for what feels like the first time. You'll need to find new ways to occupy your now vastly uninterrupted days that don't involve drugs. Also, you're going to have cravings which make accomplishing any of this so hard.

But good luck.


Nov 13, 2014
That's a good slow taper. If you can stick to it, it should work out fine. Watch out for paws though, even if you make it out with no WD symptoms, it's still not going to be easy staying off them. Good luck