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Questions on methamphetamine harm reduction.


Nov 25, 2021
I am aware of the other threads on this subject, but from what I can tell all of these are in the context of abusing methamphetamine. I plan to take an oral dose, 30-70 mg to help me crank in some studying. I have had my fair share of abusing this drug in the past (smoking,binging etc.) and am well aware of the slippery slope it can cause, but I believe I can control myself when it comes to oral administration of this drug and only oral. My question is, what harm reduction methods can I practice to minimize the neurotoxicity of the drug and the overall stress it causes on the body etc. also any other advice to make the experience as safe as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Keif' Richards

Moderator: BDD, OD, NSADD
Staff member
Aug 4, 2010
Lowell/Charlestown, Massachusetts
@Psychrazy_drummer you have fucked with the wrong one my friend with your reckless posting and such :)

I like to think we are a bit warmer and more welcoming than that, so please, have no fears over the little shit. We only take it personally when there is an intent behind disturbing the community. We will never take offense to someone breaking the rules who did not previously know them, unlike... literally every other place that has laws (esoteric moment-> introspection -> depression) which sounds pretty shitty on the way off of my fingertips.

I get that you're trying to be safe and I respect that. Just know that this is a powerful substance and that very few are safe from the downward spiral of compulsive usage in that regard. I knew a chick recently who was actually able to take her adderall script pretty responsibly despite Methamphetamine being in her past, which I found intriguing. I digress.

There are a few absolutes that people will always talk about regarding Methamphetamine usage and reducing the harms associated with it.

- Stay hydrated. This means water, not soda or other shit. It means pedialyte or other electrolyte infused drinks if you really want to be smart about your hydration. Gatorade is not a bad option if it is the sugar free kind. You want to minimize your sugar intake in general.

- Oral Hygiene. I mentioned sugar before. The lack of food intake associated with chronic stimulant administration often leads people to crave more basic energy in the form of sugar. Meth will make your mouth dry and saliva is the mouth's first and best defense against decay of teeth and gums. Brush your teeth normally and use mouthwash if available.\

- Try to take in some calories. We were recently in another thread discussing this very practice. If you have trouble eating regular meals, I would recommend trying some meal replacement shakes. They sell them at the market in 6 packs and such. I would recommend the ones with high protein as you're likely not getting enough in your diet. I know when I'm zipping along, a big juicy steak is generally the last thing on my mind.

- Get sleep. A large part of what cuts people off at the knees is the lack of sleep. Missing even one night is enough to really mess up your thought processes and your mood. You should do your very best to get regular sleep. If you can't get regular sleep, the wheels are going to come off very quickly.

Those are some of the basics, but let us know if you have any other questions. We will be happy to help.


Moderator: BDD, OD
Staff member
Jul 21, 2002
Force yourself to eat if your appetite is suppressed, and make sure you take it early enough in the day so you can sleep.

Also perhaps consider stacking 400mg of magnesium glycinate, 1,000mg of vitamin C and 500mg of l-tyrosine in the afternoon/evening.

Your bigger issue however will be controlling your use if you have abused this drug before.

You might consider getting a little time lock safe so you can ensure that you don't end up going back for more. They sell cheap time lock safes on amazon.


Feb 23, 2021
Adding to @negrogesic's suggestions re: vitamin supplementation, this is a routine I follow to combat neurotoxicity:
  • Multi-vitamin (preferably w/ food)
  • 5-HTP 100mg (it’s the precursor to serotonin)
  • Fish oil (A and D)
  • Magnesium, 400 mg.
    • Magnesium Chelate tabs = better bioavailability
    • Prevents involuntary muscle tension, breakdown, & stress on kidneys
  • Glucosamine (regulates a healthy synovia - joint fluids)
  • CoQ-10 (anti-oxidant w/ long half life to elim.)
  • Alpha lipoic acid, anti oxidant. (active in both water & lipids, it enters all nerve cells & protects them from oxidation)
  • Taurine (amino acid, very effective anti oxidant)
  • L-arginine 1000mg (amino acid, prevents vasoconstriction / promotes blood flow)
  • 400 - 4000 mg Piracetam, optional (may potentiate)
  • L-carnitine
  • Selenium/vitamin E
  • 100mg Milk Thistle - detoxifying effect on liver
  • Ibuprofen 200 mg
  • Evian water, it has alkaline pH and has a high content of minerals
Most of these things I take after I come down or as I come down, but there are a few things one can take current with the drug to help facilitate its bioaviliability:
  • L-theanine 1000mg (amino acid, lowers tolerance)
  • 1 flat spoon baking soda + two Tums
  • OR replace the baking soda with Alka Seltzer GOLD
    • NOTE: this is to raise renal pH and increase drug bioavailability
On the other hand, if you want to clear the drug more rapidly from your system, then you need to lower your renal/urinary pH so it's more acidic. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and often citric acid accompanies it. These will lower your pH, but remember to do this when you're coming down, not coming up.

Also you should carefully consider the difference between methamphetamine (typically a street drug and rarely prescribed for severe obesity and severe narcolepsy, but not for reasons of cognitive enhancement) and its primary amine, amphetamine (typically what's found in medication for things like ADHD): https://www.reddit.com/r/Stims/comments/1w8w1b Notice how much more serotonergic meth is compared to amphetamine.