Bupe Questions about Suboxone and Kratom


Sep 30, 2018
Hey guys, I've just taken my last dose opiates and am now in the process of waiting to start Suboxone - I have a couple questions I haven't been able to find answers for.

Note about my use, I smoke only (black tar/gun powder heroin) this cycle has been relatively short just about 2 months and at the peak (this last week) was smoking about a gram over a 24hr period.


1. I would like to use kratom for the next 24 hours until I can use sub - is this safe or will it just prolong the period for precipitated withdrawal?
2. I have 80mg of sub total which I plan to use for 1-2 weeks then stop cold turkey - should I just stick to sublingual administration? three of my subs are actavis tablets so I cold insuffulate the as well and am tempted too - any reason not too? My plan is to start with 1-2mg to feel out a proper dose.

Appreciate any feedback