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Opioids Psychological & Neurological effects of long term opiate use?


Jul 4, 2015
Hey all, long time lurker and first time poster.

I guess A bit of background is in order first. I have been opioid dependent for the better part of my life now. I started with codeine but slowly went up the ladder through life and i'm now using fentanyl HCL and making my own controlled nasal solution, with the occasional splurged on heroin the last weekend of every month.

So lately I have been becoming deeply in interested in Neurological effects of long term opioid use, mainly how it alters brain structure and changes nerve pathways.

If anyone has any knowledge on this subject or knows and interesting links that would be greatly appreciated. :)


Bluelight Crew
Apr 15, 2010
NYC/Oakland/Columbus OH
I'm no scientist just a seasoned dope fiend, so you won't find any fancy words in my post but I will tell you that after ten years I seem to have caused myself some definite receptor damage as I cannot no matter how much dope I shoot, methadone I consume etc, achieve anything close to the euphoria that I got the first few years of using dope. I imagine that if I quit and stayed clean off all opiates full agonists and partial agonists I could get some of that magic back after about year, but it would probably fade away pretty soon too. If when i first shot dope it felt like it does now (or the last time I did it anyway, I'm on suboxone now), I don't think I would have gotten addicted to it. I don't even get a rush really from shooting it anymore, or not a proper rush.