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Psychedelics and Kundalini Energy


May 11, 2006
Most Hindu writings on Kundalini are very esoteric and abstract, while not-specifically about Kundalini I think the book "Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" by Mantak Chia is like a Rosetta Stone that can help make sense of the topic (at least it was for me).

A couple of great documentaries:
"Sex the Secret Gate to Eden"
"Secrets of the Serpent"

When it comes to directing energy Cannabis Indica is also invaluable. I don't think its a coincidence that yoga and Cannabis come from the same area.


Jun 13, 2009
Nice one e1evene1even. I'm just bout to start watching Sex the Secret Gate to Eden now =D.

I have read a few books by Mantak Chia. Im positive that the Taoist teachings and the Hindu teachings have the same origin there are a lot of similarities between their underlying thoughts.

Im just reading this book called 'Awakening the Third Eye' right now... its defo worth a look if any of you guys are interested in this stuff. Can get it free at...


alt 14

Jul 20, 2008
Fucking told you it was kundalini energy. This shit is real man lol.

@BL - Tell this fucker to fix his phone he snapped in half on (4 or 5?) grams of mushrooms so I can call and txt him. He won't do it if his best friend tells him to, but maybe he will if his fan club does. I jest<3


Apr 19, 2009
I have a book called Kundalini Dream [Walking in the garden of the mind of God], written by Yogin Bhairava, who was my own temporary guide to the sadhanas. Unfortunatley his book appears to be no longer available and I haven't spoken with him in nearly two years. But it's his part biography/part guide to yoga and he goes into insane detail about his growing up in the 60's and taking LSD, which is a gem because much of the literature on Kundalini does not include psychedelics as part of highest tantric yoga.
Here is his telling on Gopi Krsna's first moment of stimulation
"Gaining a resolve to not get distracted this time, his lotus visualization resumed. As the lotus became very lucid in his minds eye, sure enough the sensation at his seat returned, but this time he stayed focused on the lotus.
As he did so, a current of "liquid light"(his words, not mine) began entering his brain through his spinal chord, with a roar like that of a water fall. His body began to tremble as he felt his sense of self consciousness begin to shift out of his body, in a state of exhaltation and happiness impossible to describe.
He became a "consciousness field" that continued to move outwards from his body, while his body awareness diminished and became only a point, while he instead was this vast circle of all pervading consciousness, filling all spatial realty around him, filled with an ectastic pleasure beyond words. In simple terms he moved into and experienced as a conscious experiential state, Sat-Cit-Ananda, the immanance of the "divine Mind", my words, not his.
After thirty minutes or so, the energy that had entered his brain began to retract back down his spine, and he eventually moved back into his original state."

The roaring sound of a waterfall, liquid light, and expanding awareness seem to be very common experiences. Although for me it doesn't sound like water, I assume Gopi Krsna never dropped acid and had nothing else to really compare it to :\


Jun 8, 2010
Good bump. I have had a similar experience on mushrooms and had no idea it was so frequent. Had a wave of involuntary muscle contractions sweep from the top of my head to my feet on a 4gish dose. It was scary intense but afterwards I felt like I just had the best stretch/massage/orgasm/&c of my life.

I've also had similar but far less intense physiological effects while meditating. E.g. sometimes I feel as though electrical circuits are being joined across my face and I feel pressure or vibration under the skin spanning the length of the "circuit". I've been told that these are actually individual fibers of striated facial muscle stretching, which makes some sense. The body can get real weird when you put your mind to it. 8(

Not sure what to make of kundalini energy, also chakras, prana &c, but my feeling is that these refer to a complex of real physiological phenomena that are rarely observed (and therefore not understood) because they accompany states of mind that are rarely achieved.