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Opioids Problem with sucking up into syringe


Bluelight Crew
Dec 10, 2009
Only suggestion I have is to make sure the powder is extremely fine, and use a razor if needed. If that doesn't work, then I wouldn't shoot it.


Dec 27, 2006
Ganymede orbitting Jupiter
Yeah, most of the BD syringes I have used have been quality.

There was only one (out of the thousands I have used thus far) that was defective.

29g should be able to pull the solution into it, I think it's the cuts they put in the dope that's getting the needle clogged.

If the needle is clogged, perhaps the IV/IM/SC user could possibly try the two rig method of getting a good shot and delivering it where it is wanted? I have only had this problem a couple of times when micron-filtering the Purdue brand Oxycontin oxycodone tablets. Not only do they not enjoy suspending into a solution of saline, they tend to clump up when they meet water.

What I did was give up to the fact of using one (1) single rig and dedicated two rigs to getting this preparation setup and in a proper setup for injection. I back-loaded the first syringe and used a canula to expunge it and then since the solution had been forced through a small tube it was able to be safely drawn up through a second syringe without any trouble at all and IVed after a micron filtering perfectly fine with a 30g 1/2in needle-tip for the luer-lock series.


Bluelight Crew
Oct 13, 2005
Try using a bigger piece of cotton for starters. Small cotton gets clogged faster and prevents solution from being drawn up sooner than a larger cotton will.

How much water are you using? The less water you use, the more likely it is that your cotton will get clogged. Try using between 40 and 70 units. That's a perfect amount, in my opinion.

Also, make sure the flat, beveled edge on the tip of the needle is facing down. If you don't know what this is, just look closely at the tip of the needle and you will see the flat edge where the hole is. This must be pressed flat against the cotton, but also, you don't want to press too hard into the cotton; just rest the needle lightly on top of the cotton.

It sounds like whoever you are getting your H from is cutting the shit out of it, and probably using some kind of cut that is clumping when wet and seriously clogging the cotton. Just try the things I've stated and it should help.