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Prefixes are now mandatory in all posts about MDMA and empathogenic drugs

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Bluelight Crew
Feb 4, 2004
Denver, CO
Hi everybody, I am happy to say that we now have two new prefixes! Along with these comes a new implementation of posting guidelines.

When you go to make a new post, you will see a Prefix box like so

From this point forward, as part of our commitment to harm reduction, all posts regarding MDMA or another empathogenic drug that has been or will be taken and is not explicitly a social post (which should only be in the Cuddle Puddle, our official social thread anyway), will be required to have a prefix designated whether or not the substance or pill has been tested. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Any post found to not have a prefix will be assumed to be untested and will have the (untested) prefix manually applied by a moderator. In order to get this removed, you will need to PM a moderator and explain that it was reagent tested or state so in the thread.

This is a harm reduction rule and it will be strictly enforced. Drugs that are included in this rule are MDMA, MDA, MDE, and any substance that someone identifies as "Molly" or another slang term, including E or ecstasy.

If you use the (tested) prefix, you must state in your post that you tested and what the results were. It would be helpful, but is not required, if you state whether or not you used a reagent after using the marquis reagent (mandelin, mecke, simons, robadope, etc) as some substances that come up positive for MDXX on marquis may in fact be something else. This is not a requirement though.

Research chemicals that are identified by name (6-APB, 5-MAPB, methylone, etc) will not be required to be have a prefix but you may use them should you choose but only if you tested them with a FULL test kit (marquis, mecke, mandelin, and simons) as these substances don't have reliable testing with just marquis. If you post about research chemicals with the tested flag and do not supply the information about the testing or did not use a complete kit, you will have the (tested) flag replaced with the (untested) tag by a mod.

In the case that you are posting from the mobile site, just state in your thread that you are on mobile and whether it is/was tested or untested and a mod will add the appropriate prefix for you otherwise, your post will be marked (untested) like any other post without a prefix and no testing details.

Situations that require the use of this prefix would include

Rolling this weekend and have a few questions
Pills having weird effects?
Longterm comedown... help?
Those are just a few examples. Generally speaking, it should be easy to figure out if you need a prefix.

Thanks everyone, happy and safe rolling to you! <3
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