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Pre-existing heroin tolerance?


Nov 1, 2011
Whenever I post in the Other Drugs forum, I get an error for not choosing a thread prefix despite there being no option to do so. Please move this to the appropriate place.

I recently started doing dope with a friend who's a long time user, she shoots five or six bags daily. She gives me a bag for transportation, so I don't complain about how much or how good. However the other day was the first time I did a bag with someone other than her for the first time, and he almost OD'd of the same amount, out of the same bags I insufflated. Choking and passing out, falling over, gibberish.
I weigh 225lbs, he weighs around 275 and has been doing dope on and off since age sixteen (he's forty two now) this was my fifth or sixth time doing dope. I had a mild buzz, I was coherent, no nod, I drove home, went grocery shopping after his girl picked him up to take care of him; I was less fucked up than if I smoked a single bowl of some dank bud.

The only causes for this I can figure,

A) my parents did heroin heavy, one died from it; I inherited a tolerance
B) DXM cross tolerance
C) he had a significantly lower tolerance than a user of his history should, coupled with a low tolerance to the drug in general

I've only nodded once off dope, the first time I did it. The other five or six, I had a buzz like if I took a percocet.
The time my friend almost od'd was no different, just a mild buzz.