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Powdered coke, Quality & Money, Room mate cannot stop.

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Jan 17, 2010
Toronto, Kanada
Luckily a best buddy I went to school with many yrs back is super empathetic, his room mate works a great job and makes good cash, single, drinks only on weekends, and still can consume , snorts coke daily or 5 days week and doesn't even smoke cigs, nothing.
Pardon any ramble as I am also totally understanding, dabbled for past 15yrs here n there, b-days, 3-5 times a year max, nothing serious. I stick to my necessary meds and nothing else. I can say I have a great nose for the stuff too, sadly, depends on how u look at it as I was exposed to overseas trip in Aruba once and compared to local coca no comparison. Rarely .. most say. I too.
so now he finds a new local brand and it is 10/10. Literally. as a on-point and rational person I see when not to and when perhaps letting loose is ok, i am not a judge but damn this is tooo damn fukn great and un processed and cut as they say, & now he has daily cravings. I can say if I had unlimited funds and no other family obligations , aka ~ was a rock star or filthy rich it would probably be safe to say I would do anything to treat my pain , as my low dose of pain meds is helping only 70%of the day and my average pain is at a 3-5 - 24hours a day, 7 days/ always. I could be in his boots, but cannot afford and as mentioned ...etc.. safety is on my mind too.

now what am I trying to say here? Damn, sorry people but if you have personally a lot of expericne and life knowledge living with chronic pains and the room mate does, and never takes pills or other Rx'd stuf, he chooses to street medicate, booze, coca .. as mentioned but its now too much. my concern, as is our circle of friends is that since this coke is so super incredible, ans pardon me if you are able to acquire such (I dont wanna know) easily,. anytime, HOW DO WE CONVINCE HIM TO NOT GET IN TOO DEEP AND LOOSE HIS JOB, ETC.. HIS FUTURE MAY BE STUNTED, AND HES ALREADY LOOSING SLEEP, WORK, CALLING IN SICK BI-WEEKLY OR MORE IN THE recent months and now even though his boss is happy with his work / sales he is changing. personality.

He is so straight , a strate shooter so to speak that people automatically know when he is not himself via his eyes and thank god h is not behaving crazy, we r concerned this 10/10 strain is going to get him.

I should stop. confused.
Not open for further replies.