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Pot Brownies - First time - a nightmare from hell


Mar 5, 2011
Just read this thread and what really stands out for me is how many people are classifying the amount of edibles (one brownie / one huge brownie / 2 hash cakes etc ) as dosage!

I make edibles on the regular and I could give you two huge brownies to munch that will get you slightly high or one tiny piece of chocolate that will make to trip and put you on your ass for a few hours before you sleep soundly!

We gotta start measuring edible potency with an approximate thc content - not freakin cake size!


Jan 16, 2013
Eastern Canada
Then it is a Sativa dominant/high sativa hybrid. If you eat too much of an indica brownie, you'll fall asleep. You don't get paranoia.
I get paranoid and fucked wether it’s Indica or Sativa. If pot doesn’t agree with your psychological makeup, it doesn’t matter what strain it is. It’s all terrible on me. I have had someone try to get me to take a puff, I say ’no it makes me fucked up in a bad way‘, and so they put some indica in a pipe and tell me this one won’t do that. I take 2 puffs and - bad trip all the same. My personal belief is that some people have a certain brain chemistry that doesn’t like pot.
I also know someone who, when they were in emergency with extreme pain, got ’the good stuff’ according to the nurse and had a terrifying reaction where they couldn’t communicate or move but stayed perfectly aware. When the stuff wore off they pleaded with the doc to give them something different as the last stuff was terrifying, they gave her something different and she was fine.
I also know someone who went into a terror hole from 1 IV shot of cocaine (I was doing it too and was fine). Or have you ever done coke with a paranoid ‘window peeper’, meanwhile you are having a fun time? They can’t psychologically handle coke.
From what I have seen in my 30 or so years of drugs is that certain people’s chemical brain makeup can’t handle certain drugs and it’s very individual.
Just my observations.