Police: Mont. man denied painkillers, shoots self

wait till the next two months Florida lol
I know he wasn't quite at kamikaze levels but he should have just shot the doctor. Now his foot is probably fucked for life.

The cops will find something to charge him with. There's always a law for every occasion!
He just wanted some bloody pain meds.

What's the world coming to, when you've 6 fucked vertebrae In your back and the only way to some meds you have alread been prescribed in the past. Is to shoot yourself in the fucking foot.

Fair play though, if your going to shoot yourself in the foot. At least way till you get home. Its just common courtesy.
ControlDenied;11022998 said:
what's next -- cancer patients going to heroin dealers?

I know, sorry, knew someone who did that. Great person, RIP.

The system is a joke, and Americans have it good compared to Australia.