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Seriousish Please push me to act


Aug 16, 2020
I moved to a new city after getting sober. My partnership collapsed in four months after that. I stay in a space converted into an apartment and below me is the entire family of very religious and pious people. I have had a bloody awful time the last two years living here.

I have been telling myself to find another place for over a year but then one thing over the other kept me from really giving things a shot. To be blunt, I have been absolutely miserable. I told the renter I would leave before September but unfortunately failed to find a good place for myself. I am nearly broke and barely keeping up with the bills.

Another month has passed but I have not found a confirmed spot at another place but I am sure to get it tomorrow, if only I can leave early in the morning, and call the guy who is willing to take me in. The place is far away but I must get there tomorrow by hook or crook.

I have less than 24 hours remaining to get my arse truly into gear, take a shower and all the rest of it. Please comment below so I get moving. My recovery phase has devolved by quite a bit.