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Heroin Please help 2 Months clean RELAPSED


Jun 4, 2021
Hey guys been on this site for years hoping & wishing to one day get clean I never created a account tho or ever posted anything here. This is my first post & I really need help. Was clean for 2 months (Fentadope) (snort) till sadly relapsed 2 weeks ago. Heartbreaking I know cuz I honestly want to be clean for me & my family I feel like a failure deep inside cuz I have so much going for myself right now & everyone around me thinks I’m still clean and it really hurts knowing I’m letting everyone down & lying to them & myself. I need help, do u guys know if the withdrawal from the 2 week relapsed be bad after being clean for 2months? Was only using 1 bag of some really potent stuff threw the whole day but last 3-4 days it’s been 2-3 bags of some less potent stuff, I’ll really appreciate the help guys I need it right now


Feb 25, 2021
Hi Chase. First of all...forget all that " failure " stuff. You are not a failure. The drugs are a strong pull and you did what millions of people did.

The main thing is that you want to stop doing this and there is help available here. You were clean for 2 months so you probably have an idea of what you are in for from getting clean that time. The good thing is it has only been 2 weeks back on the fent. That is in your favor for sure.

What kind of comfort meds can you get a hold of? Benzos, Lyrica, kratom , weed ? Any of those will help the plane land a little smoother. As you probably know, they can only be used short term to get you over the bumps.

And of course there is methadone and suboxone but I'm not familiar with either but the pros are gonna come along soon and give you some more help.

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and welcome and let you know you are not alone <3