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Heroin Placement of tourniquet when shooting into forearm


Jun 21, 2017
Hey so I've been shooting up for a little while now into the veins on the crooks of both my elbows and those veins seem to be pretty done...I've heard the forearms are a pretty OK place to shoot and my veins are fairly prominent there as well. I know there are some differences between those veins and the ones I've been using in my elbows (from what I've heard/observed they're deeper and more vulnerable to moving around when I try to make my shot) so I want to make sure I do it right. The number one thing I'm wondering is where do I tie the tourniquet before I take it off to shoot or do I even use it? Also, any other suggestions on shooting into the forearm? Thanks.


Dec 11, 2011
United States of shut your third god damned eye fo
You may tie off the same place you used when hitting veins on your upper arms, unless these veins are prominent enough to not use a tie off.

The further down the arms you hit the less chance there is that your only mainlines up the arms will become blown out. The further down the more likely veins are to re-route themselves if blown.

As far as actually hitting out there, just keep your hands steady because they're thinner veins than you're probably used to.

Be safe, peace