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Pillreports overhaul


Feb 10, 2003
Also, I do not think that my idea makes less people want to use pillreports as a medium to get an idea of pill quality.
The reason for this is that if people have the ability to float around pillreports without being allowed to make reports etc. as a guest, When they eventually eat a certain pill they will get the urge to report/comment on their pill/experiance, therefore going through the 2min of extra pain to sign up to bluelight....Think of it as merging Harm Minimisation teams :)


Sep 2, 2003
" saying things like 'my hed wuz phakin spazin wazin da mazin al nite biz yo'. " - Paisly

HAHAHA you made my comedown so much more enjoyable with that little bit of comedy dude.


Oct 31, 2003
Cowboy Mac said:
We need people who are skilled in css/xml, php/mysql, or c# and ms sql. I'm afraid that a project of this calibre won't succeed unless there are knowledgable people working on it. I am planning on doing some work which may lead to a new system in Feb. I will advertise for volunteers after NYE regarding that.
my major areas of expertise are mssql server (2000 preferably), asp (jscript), DHTML, got a few ;) years software design under my belt, was the plan to go open source with or m4cro$oft


count me in WOOT!

the only reason i look at pillreports is to browse for the 0's and 1's and stay way clear of them cause there the only ones that can truely i care about


Sep 21, 2003
i'm with eggo on that one... 0 and 1's are what i use it for too, mostly...


Oct 11, 2003
newcastle , nsw , australia
i agree with everything said here some very good comments .. but the main problem for me about pillreports is the lack of being able to tell if its a dealer or a real user who actually has taken the pill and knows its good. at the moment the only way i have found to really trust a pill quality is a few main checks. these are just some things a few ppl may or maynot agree with but anyone without a tester can easily be fooled so everyone should always be careful and always the best way is .. test yourself or get your mates 2 , im sure u's could all put in and afford a tester cos they aint that dear.. but never the less use these tips might help a little if you have no other resort than to believe pillreports.com

1. frequency of reports , ie. how many DIFFERENT ppl have been talking and reply'd and added there own reports and comments about the effects etc..

2. usually if their is a pill saying 8 or higher and only 1 person has made a report its easily less trustworthy than alot of reports.

3. just in general i spose the more reports gathered the more chances its actually a decent pill. if alot of ppl have tests results and have the same information.. well pretty close its more chances its true than some random adding , "yeh um instant black sizzled .. some tester , awesome pill must have" .. yeh ok mate wateva.

4. check if the same person is always adding pics and always rating highly about every single pill he/she takes , i think a good adder into the updated site would be to be able to check what other pills the person has added and made reports about .. therefore making it easier to see if this person is a real user or not .. i know some people take alot and add alot of reports always with tests etc.. and maybe someone is just so lucky to have a 7+ all the time but it will push out a few suspects aswe'll.

just like the suggestion on a ebay sorta thing .. raters opinions etc..

im finding it harder and harder to believe anything on pillreports these days as so many new users are just coming in all the time and thinking every pill is just so fkn awesome and unbelievably good .. but the truth is , it really hurt us longer uses of a few years or more .. becoz we have a higher tolerance and maybe a 7-8 pill is enough to sit a newcomer on his ass .. we might even need 3 of them :(

i've noticed that new years usually brings out alot of pills every year so be careful on wat you buy .. test if possible , alot of good mdma pills will be around , but there will be alot of udder rubbish aswe'll , im not the one to say how much a pill can change your whole outlook on the night .. but i can honestly say from experience .. a good pill will be an awesome night and alot of good memories .. from wateva you can actually remember :p and a bad pill will always feel like the biggest waste of time and money .. always just want that night back to start again. hope you all got some crackers for new years .. i know i did so have fun and party safe

would like to add more but im sorta running outta time , gotta go to work soon and then sleep .. hopefully have a big one new years with all you guys :D

thanx erba for this great link was actually a pleasant surprise and read very we'll done , lots of nice reply's

gl and safe partying :p
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