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Stimulants Phentermine Recreational Value


Sep 17, 2019
Hi Bluelighters.

I plan to start taking Phentermine for weight loss and I was wondering if they have any recreational value. I have read mixed opinions about it.

Does it have an effect similar to amphetamines? I just want a little euphoria and feel stimulated and motivated.


Moderator: MH
Staff member
Jul 2, 2008
Why do you think it's a bad idea?
Because this is the classic track to stimulant addiction. Take your medication as prescribed, and if you can't do so, then tell your doctor. Stimulants and can be very, very hard on the brain in not much time. For example, you see meth addicts fall out of society pretty fast comparatively. That said, all recreational drugs have their mountainous downsides. There is no "magi bullet" drug or medication to sustainably ease your ills.
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Feb 6, 2017
I used it couple of times 15 years ago. Literally a couple or so. Was great for a stim, but only used it very a little. Probably wouldnt be good to use extensively. Similiar to propylhexedrine, fun once or twice but nothing much beyond that


Oct 27, 2018
Try taking herbal supplements with phenmetrazine for wheight loss, and prefer Methylphenidate which has a more subtle action than phenmetrazine and doesn't tend to make you a stim addict as much as pure dopa releasers like phen while still keeping your mind off eating. Combined with coffee and or tea and a healthy life style, sport and regular walks, especially instead of if you get bored and start eating, will help you install better patterns on the long term, as you have to grow healthier habits while on phen that on its own just makes you skip eating because you're tweaked, which isn't lasting once you've lost enough weight and cease use. As for supplements: Theanine acts on receptors in the brain that regulate sleep, thought patterns, mood and appetite in some ways and lowers tweaky downsides that come with stimulants. Cinnamon essential oil, dried sugared ginger and st-john's wort extract and theanine added to methylphenidate or in your case phen will take you a whole way, and you can keep taking them when you sease taking it which will ease the return to "normal" and keep you from gaining back weight as an alternative to snacking. If you like to do things with your hands like stuffing your face why not start vaping non-nicotinic solutions? They taste like candy and you can dilute caffeine in it which makes it even better! As for the comedown in the evening, if you really feel like snacking (don't forget that during the day you shouldn't skip meals, with one in the morning with protein (egg), yoghurt and whole grain muesli with a glass of antioxydant juice and one in the evening with fibers (whole rice is perfect), white fish or white meat and fruit) then go for rice crackers or low-fat pop-corn and give verveine+ passiflore aubepine flower tea a try if you can't sleep, it works better than 10mg valium!
The best tip is don't make plans for phenmetrazine use, as that's the easiest part, instead make plans for everything that you should do along that in order to improve your lifestyle and health, and only then, will medicating with stimulants for weightloss on the short-term without making a habit out of it be a success on the longer term! If however you decide to keep using ask your doctor for focalin or concerta or if he ceases prescription look for 10mg 4F-MPH pills, or 2-FMA pills, which are the two best alternatives to Adderall or Focalin on the legal market. (From what I know is sold)