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Misc PEA (phenethylamine) + Hordenine.


Mar 1, 2013
Recently I have been looking into the effects of PEA which become pronounced with an MAOI or hodenine. I am not very familiar with MAOI's, hodenine or PEA.

What I have read is that the effects of PEA only become pronounced with the combination of a MAOI. My worry is that from what ive read, MAOI's can be dangerous and one using them must watch their diet. My question is.. Is hordenine an MAOI and must one be cautious and be careful of what they consume while using it etc?

Any sort of information regarding PEA + hordenine would be greatly appreciated.


Bluelight Crew
Dec 1, 2012
Tried it a while ago, didn't work for me...
Got a kind of horrible speedyness a couple of times but it's hard to tell if that was the PEA or some just some effect of the hordenine.
In my experience it doesn't really work and when it does it feels crap anyway.


Mar 22, 2010
Pinned Tweaks
Hordenine did nothing with PEA for me, either. I added it to methylphenidate and nothing either (rhodiola on the other hand, has had a pronounced effect on MPD for me).

Selegiline was the only that that got PEA to 'work' in amounts smaller than 2 grams. It proved addicting only because of its convenience; I'd say don't waste your time with that one unless you've already got the two at your disposal. PEA gives a very disappointing but clean feeling high that feels more serotonergic than dopaminergic, despite that apparently not being true. It makes me nauseous as hell, too (hence a suspicion at its serotonergic properties).


Mar 5, 2009
Seattle, WA
I've been experimenting with hordenine and phenylethylamine over the past week. My first dose of phenylethylamine was 800mg right after a sandwich, with NO hordenine, and it gave INTENSE effects, very similar to a strong MDMA rush but without the euphoria. A few days later I then tried a dose of 200mg hordenine and 700mg phenylethylamine together, got the same rush again, didn't seem to last any longer or have any added euphoria though. It's strange to me that not only does phenylethylamine have extremely strong effects on me at a relatively low dose and without an MAOI, but also that when adding the MAOI that everyone swears by, it didn't change the effects at all. If anything, I felt ever so slightly more anxious after the effects wore down, not desirable! I also tried lowering the dose of both, and this usually results in no effect at all.

It always feels like it's bordering on euphoria but never quite gets there. I'm hard pressed to find much difference in the onset of phenylethylamine, MDMA and also what I remember mephedrone being like, but again, far less euphoric. It lasts for a good 20ish minutes and then starts to die down. Then I get mild comedown-like effects for the next 20ish minutes and then I'm 100% baseline as if nothing had been taken earlier. It is an extremely interesting effect and seeing how so many people in so many places are raving about this amazing combo and how some claim it's "the most euphoric they've ever felt", I'm very intrigued to find out more about this substance. Don't get me wrong, I'm not specifically looking to get high with pre-workout supplements, I could really use an improvement in focus, mood and energy. I don't want to use amphetamines, I don't think my doctor would prescribe them, and I'm certainly not using street amp, however I do desire the amphetamine effect. This is what drew me to kratom so much, because it improved my focus 100-fold and provided all the stimulation I'd ever need, plus a sweet helping of euphoria/anxiety relief, much better than amphetamine ever has. I hope like kratom, the PEA can be used in a similar manner, but also have the added bonus of recreational potential for the weekends...all from a relatively harmless substance! :) Just this intense buzzing is not useful to me at all though, I do not feel significantly different after the initial buzz wears off and the buzz isn't all that enjoyable either....just intense and different from baseline. Simply the intensity of the rush and the similarity of it to strong stimulant drugs definitely makes me wonder about what it could be used for.

Does anyone here have positive experience with phenylethylamine? Has anyone successfully used it in a recreational combo? Has anybody who is very experienced with amphetamines also experienced PEA? If so, what similarities do you find?
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Nov 2, 2005
i have very positive experiences with using Selegiline and phenylethylamine..combined the 2 feel like MDMA..it feels like adderal but WITHOUT added irritability and anxiety but increased empathy..if used occasionally you dont notice a comedown..very hard to keep this to infrequent use though as it packs one hell of a punch

Speed King

Mar 7, 2014
Orando, Florida
I have to side with Kleinerkiffer on this one. Just because this worked for some of, definately doesn't make this normal for others. Dangerous interactions can easily happen with incorrect dosing or even common medicine.

Also this is getting slightly off subject. On subject or we have to close.