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Opioids Paregoric (opium) question

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May 18, 2019
I was recently given a bottle of paregoric. I know my opiates, but I had never heard of this. After doing some research, I know what it is now but still couldn't find much info on it. Does anyone know what a good doseage would be? I have a pretty high tolerance, it usually takes me 4-5 of the 30mg roxis to get off, or a couple of points of H injected. Also, is there any negative side effects of doing too much? I'm not worried about the narcotic, but the other stuff in it. It's used for diarrhea, and as everyone know an opiate addict already has problems going to the bathroom regularly. I'm going to see if my connect will trade. If not I'll prob just keep it for emergency withdrawal situations.


Bluelight Crew
Dec 9, 2012
Iirc paregoric is an opium tincture with other active ingredients, including camphor, right? Would be great if you could post the list of ingredients with weight.
Camphor can be toxic in high doses:
A dose of 2 g generally causes toxic effects in adults. The potential lethal oral dose in adults is 4 g pure camphor.
(http://www.inchem.org/documents/pims/pharm/camphor.htm#SectionTitle:7.2 Toxicity)
So depending on the ration of opium (rule of thumbs opium to morphine is usually 10:1 so 10 mg of opium tends to be equivalent to 1 mg morphine) to camphor it might not be a good idea to use it in high recreational doses.
With your tolerance I don't think that it will be of much use besides helping with diarrhea when withdrawing