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Opioids OxyContin 80mg - unusual (lack of) reaction


Bluelight Crew
Apr 11, 2012
The Valley of Ashes
What brand oxy were these? If they were the Torrent "OX" pills those are known to be often underdosed.

If they were a good brand like Longtec or Sandoz then it's possible you just don't metabolise oxycodone as well as you metabolise DHC. I am honestly the same. I get a better high from DHC and oral morphine than I do from oxycodone and yes I am 100% sure I had legit oxy.

@Hodor fake oxy is only really a problem in the USA, in Europe we still get OC formula and abusable generics. The OP indicated he is not in the USA so it's likely he got real oxy. If they were fakes they'd contain fent and he'd sure know about it.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer, really appreciate it and it's been helpful to get some suggestions. Wilson Wilson- they are the Torrent OX pills (the green ones that say OX 80 on them?)
I suppose what's weird to me is that fair enough if they're underdosed, it's pretty par for the course and you kind of expect it - but my husband got absolutely fucked by taking less than me, and our opiate tolerances are basically identical. Also get what you mean about not metabolising oxycodone as well but again, I had it a number of times a few years ago (a couple weeks ago was the first time in 4/5 years that we'd had any) and boy did it work. My tolerance is obviously a lot higher now, but I'm also taking much higher doses, so...

Yeah, it's weird.

You're also right that I'm not in the US, I'm UK-based. Agree I've never heard of fake oxy pills here and if they'd been laced with fentanyl I think I might have noticed that...!

Anyway, I had two and a half of those same XR oxys this morning and although it's still not at the level I'd prefer, I feel them about 10x as much as last week - which tells you just how little I felt them then!

So, yeh. Who knows, maybe last week was some sort of shitty freak occurrence. Today still isn't quite where I wanted to be but they've hit moderately well, so who knows, maybe it'll keep improving with practice?!:LOL:

Thanks again for all your responses. Would still love to hear more ideas/ suggestions if anyone has any kind of idea what's going on...

Wilson Wilson

Moderator: BDD, OD
Staff member
Aug 6, 2014
Yeah those OX pills are underdosed mate. Some of them are overdosed however so I don't recommend boshing a lot to try and make up for it. The batches that are diverted to the black market failed QC and are variably dosed.


Jan 2, 2020
Old thread resurrection here but I'm UK based and the same, 240mg of Torrent Oxy (3 X 80mg) is doesn't doing much for me. I can feel it but I'd be expecting a hell of a lot more. I've got a high tolerance for Codeine and Tramadol but Oxy just not hitting how it should. I'm buying online off the DW in blister packs but seriously wondering if I'm getting fakes?


Oct 9, 2019
I have a silly little question, why did fentanyl start to be added to fakes and heroin? Yes, it would increase the effect, but it has killed many people, is that the reason? kill addicts?

Here in Argentina there is no heroin and there are no fake pills, there are no people injecting themselves on the street, basically here is a different world, I hate dealers, I do not deal with them, only with dealers friends I have known since childhood, sellers of cocaine, marijuana , ecstasy and more, when there is a bad drug it is discarded. I see that in the United States it is very common now to see drugs adulterated with fentanyl from what I have read here, do they just give a shit about their buyers?
Sorry for the stupid question, maybe it's not like that in the whole country, but I don't know, it's curious for me