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Opioids Oxycodone & Subutex 6mg


Sep 22, 2010
Oh OK. I thought 0.01mg sounded to low. I wasn't aware of that particular brand though. Are you in the US? It's just that here in the UK the only brand of low dose buprenorphine I was aware of is Temgesic but they may well be others.
Before bupe became a thing for maintenance therapy, they only made them in doses around the 200-400mcg (0.2 - 0.4mg) mark since the doses used for pain control are extremely low in comparison. It seems absurd when you think about it really that people were being given doses as high as 32mg for opiate addiction treatment when the dose prescribed for pain was so much less. I've always thought that it was a case of pharma companies falsely inflating the recommended doses for doctors to prescribe. They could get away with that with bupe due to its ceiling agonist effects meaning that by recommending too much, it was just being wasted but without the risk of the patient overdosing. Recommending doses that high just always seemed highly suspicious to me.

Congratulations on managing to reduce down so low. Do you plan in reducing further and then just jumping off?
I'm in the UK. They do do a lot of generics of buprenorphine now. Originally my Doctor used to put Subutex on the scripts,but all the chemists used to moan about it then refused to stock them as they cost the most. Once he started putting buprenorphine on the scripts after I told him I had a few different brands,but Sandoz were my favourite as they tasted ok and were easy to split as they all had score lines.

Not only that but Sandoz are a quality Swiss lab who Albert Hoffmann worked for when he invented LSD-25.

The whole thing with Temgesics being in the microgram doses is that at those doses it stops becoming a partial agonist and performs like a full agonist,therefore better for pain without the risks and used a lot in the transdermal form for the elderly. In my experience when you drop below 1mg and keep dropping that other opiates are felt if used.

When I got down to a crumb and started using Kratom I felt the old full agonist effect,although some would argue that you can feel kratom on buprenorphine anyway,but you can't,not really. I tried this when I was on about 6mg of buprenorphine and if I used under 5 grams of kratom I felt the stimulating effects,but no opiate effects...I think this is what they mean by being able to feel it.

Apparently the only other opiate you can feel on buprenorphine is tramadol. I've never tried so can vouch for that.

I jumped from the crumb to Kratom about 5 weeks ago,using up 20 grams a day and can say it was a breeze. I tried the jump from 1.5mg buprenorphine about 6 months ago and it didn't work. I still felt the withdrawals,so its important to slowly reduce your bupe dose until your ready,that shit takes at least a month to come out your system,especially if you've been on it for years and then you get the PAWS that can go on for much longer. That's why when my Kratoms gone I'll be doing Ibogaine hcl.

I'll do the Kratom until the new year,by then all the bupe will be out my system for sure and the Ibogaine can really do its work.


Nov 15, 2019

No problem mate, you're welcome.

If you'd only stopped taking methadone 2 days prior and had also been using heroin during that 2 day period (which is way too short on its own) then were given 8mg of bupe on the first day then that's pretty much guaranteed precipitated withdrawal...

That's gross incompetence by the doctor IMO.
I agreed! agency staff for ya 😬 I was force fed my 1st 5days of treatment by a pharmacist(supervision) I even dropped 1 of the 2mgs on the floor then refused to take it "as it wasn't clean" so the dude got me a replacement I didn't want.
The presciber hmmm ye I think he must be a bit of masochist as he wanted me to take meth up till the final day, I said your doing it way 2 fast,his reply was we want to make you comfortable! Well the meth, That wasn't supervised and neither is the bupe now so there was no issues there other than I should of and could of left it alone for longer. On the meds leaflet it says 6h for heroin 24h for methadone, I know suboxone would need 4days methadone free but not these according to the leaflet. nor can I send you the PDF of the sheet(due to been a noob) Just this is what the pharma companies are suggesting so I guess the Drs just follow suit.
So putting in a claim in against them for negligence wouldn't stand I don't think.

I followed your advice on taking them as late as possible.I kinda took that litterally as anytime after 12am. 1st took 1mg waited 1hour then took the 2nd half waited 45mins 5hen took another 2mg so a total of 4mg and I don't feel that bad,a bitch of a headache but that's about it. reckon I'm safe to take 8mg now or I may just go with 4mg more and if I'm ok with that,I'll try stickin to it as I never no when they will make a mistake with my script. 54 errors on my scripts in 18months an these are fortnightly scripts I'm talking about so they don't exactly fill me with confidence. wether it be underdosed,overdosed,not signed or just couldn't be found either by the treatment team or the pharmacist. They fcked it up with out fail, I'd give them the bad script back say for overdosage😏 and get a fresh 1 back unsigned like wth!


Sep 16, 2019
Hey Van,

Yea to be honest I did not have high hopes AT ALL based on bupes extremely long half life lol...

I do feel a slight sense of that relaxation and definitely a very slight reduction in pain (I do suffer from chronic pain) so I think I am going to try bringing on another 20mg however if I don't notice anything solid I think I'll wait and reassess.
How did you get on in the end with this experiment? I’m down to 2 mg of bupe now didn’t take it today and even though i promised myself I wouldn’t do it again, I think I’m gonna do a bit of dhc tomorrow!