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Opioids oxycodone kind of cold turkey


Nov 19, 2018
iM AN IDIOT used over 150mg oxy when only prescribed 80 as scoredsoeones script.
i still got spare to help me taper but i do have access to
30 10mg diazepams, 100mg hydroxyzine a day and 80mg a oxy.
Ive also got some tramadols, but i WANT to get used to 80mg a day and not all instant.
But first thing in morning i suffer from RLS AND ITS BAD and i cant take 20mg it makes me feel ebntter for a hour
then really restless

im soannnoyd with myself.
ive took a massivedose today and still got enuf spare i get my sriptfriday aswell.
but i want to get used to a normal dose then get high oncce a month.
problem is ive also injected herin andsnorted offstreet

I know its a mmental game
but i suffer from fibromyalgia so i dont wanna abuse them no more,i dont want methadone ele i be wanting to oe off that and it be impossible im a bith for withdrawal


Apr 28, 2019
Cold turkey is rough for someone who has problems dealing with withdrawal. Ive used pretty much everything, the diazepam will help but you need to expect to feel worse and worse as you cut down, the reality is if you really want to, youll go through the process like a champ, but when you get to the point where you cant be taking it everyday is when youll need the willpower to succeed, yeah i take extra like you do, but im always prepared for the consequences of doing so which it appears you weren't or aren't, the road to atleast semi abstinence is a bitch but anyone truely willing to do it can with help or not, if you have the oppertunity to taper, thats the route id go, but you cant have these slip days where you plan to take so much then double your dose because you feel restless, thats all part of semi withdrawal you will not feel as great as you do while on drugs thats just a fact of life i wish you luck on your journey
I can only say that for me personally, i end up using cocaine/amphetamines while in withdrawal for several days, now im not reccomending you substitute your use with somthing else as that may just become a problem too, but your diazepam will take the edge off forsure try to space them out and cap the dose at 6-8mg per day
edit i notice your diazepams are 10mg each, split them in half 1for each day, but dont waste them, try that when youre prepared to cut down, and dont fo from 80 to 30, start by cutting down to 60 or 40 n go from there if possible, but to get to using once a month... to go through all of it to risk that once a month turning into everyday again seems rather pointless unless you know you can do it
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