Opioids Oxycodone gaining tolerance quickly?

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Jan 29, 2009
I started taking oxycodone 6 weeks ago (instant release orally) for recreational purposes at 20mg twice per week. The high was OK but I felt I needed more for ideal euphoria. I went to 30 mg next time but then 40mg. I found 40mg good for a few weeks and only ever took it on 2 separate days per week thinking that if I stuck to just 2 days my tolerance wouldn't go up.

Now I had 50mg yesterday and I found I felt good but not that same level of euphoria as I had before on 40mg. I also have been trying to potentiate the past few times with promethazine and diphenhydramine an hour before oxy.

I assumed sticking to taking oxycodone for only 2 days each week I would avoid building a tolerance? Seems to be climbing quickly. On my off days (5 off days per week) I don't experience any withdrawal symptoms.


Mar 27, 2011
Krombopulous Michael
I imagine at least since you're using recreationally, and you don't actually need them for pain or anything, that makes you're situation a lot less complicated.

You've reached a crossroads, here, James...you either keep using, in which case you're notions of "avoiding addiction" fall to the back of you're mind and you're obsession with scoring/using will slowly, insidiously begin to overwhelm you're conscious thoughts. You would likely increase you're intake well beyond what you imagined possible...I mean really.
OR, you accept the fact that if you continue to use opiates you WILL become addicted, and you WILL have a much more difficult time coming off/reducing dose once you're already addicted.

With that knowledge, you could decide to cut back further. Recreationally, I wouldn't dare use opiates more than 2X a month. Even at 2 times a week, eventually I think it will catch up with you, lead to mild withdrawals/severe cravings between doses.

Opiates are not good for recreation.....look into psychedelics, pot, booze....idk but I do know that if you continue to use you WILL become addicted, and like I said, it won't get better.

Addiction is a progressive disease (so they say) and the more you use, the more you NEED to use, which I can vouch for. Mark my words though, keep using the shit and pretty soon you'll be up to 200mg a day wondering what the hell happened to your tolerance, and at that point, you're bank account, or worse.

Good luck.

P.S. not trying to scare monger....just remember the LESS FREQUENTLY you use opiates, the LOWER your tolerance will be. Simple as that....a lot of people just don't care, like me. Even with a decent Rx for opioids, I just can't seem to lower my dose past a certain point...combine that with the opiophobia in America nowadays..and it's a recipe for disaster....chronic pain, undertreated, only makes itself worse. But I can't very well ask my doctor for more, because he'd probably get suspicious and cut me off.
But at least you're using recreationally so you don't have to worry about that.


Bluelight Crew
Apr 15, 2010
NYC/Oakland/Columbus OH
This is common, I remember when I first started using opiates (heroin) I would sometimes need to double or even quadruple my dosage to get the same high, and this was back when I wasn't using every day, more like 3x a week. IDK why but over the years my tolerance kind of go to the point where I just didn't get 'that' high anymore, the best I could hope for was a kind of 'cold' nod. At the same time though, I found that I could pretty much get consistent effects if I just dosed the same amount every time. Now keep in mind this was street heroin, so every batch I got was slightly different.

Anyway, without straying from the topic too much, this is completely normal. It sucks. But there is nothing long term that you can do about it. Potentiators will only work so much because eventually you'll get used to the dose with the potentiator and you'll have a tolerance to that as well. Many potentiators like benadryl and DXM IMO also cloud the opiate experience.

That all being said, there's a ton of threads on potentiation and oxycodone, and a million other threads about this exact topic.
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