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Opioids -- Other Opioid Receptors


Apr 18, 2019
I believe the matter of the σ receptor was settled about 20 years ago -- the receptor was first thought to be an opioid receptor then found to be a sui generis receptor which has beneficial effects on the opioid receptor and NMDA receptor systems for analgesia, reducing suffering and other pain-related issues, but is not technically an opioid receptor.

I was discussing benzodiazepine receptors with a rather large group of people when the conversation moved on to opioids, NMDA, nociception-related, and alpha and beta adrenergic, muscarinic and nicotinic receptors and other neurological factors. Not only has there some news about the ζ and ε opioid receptors in the last decade or so, as well as speculation about ι and λ opioid receptors which I have heard of a while ago, but also about α, β, ω, γ, θ and ψ opioid receptors as well . . . Does anyone have further information about these receptors as well as the others, and if there indeed may be an μ₄ opioid receptor as well?

A good name for a professional organisation and fraternity/sorority for those working in medicine, allied fields, pharmacy, pharmacology, toxicology and medicinal chemistry, with narcotic sub-specialisation, and just plain folks who are in the narcotic cognoscenti would be ΜΚΔ -- the parties they could throw would the best ever!
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