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Misc OH WOW!! Serious opiate withdrawal whipped away with a complete pill cocktail


Feb 10, 2015
Hey all,

I haven't been on here in a while cuz I've been too busy with life I guess. I just moved to a new town and my pain doctor dropped me for using marijuana (I know stupid) I have another appointment set up with a different doctor tomorrow. I'm prescribed fentanyl patches, Xanax and oxycodone (50mcg 2 days, 2mg 2x a day and oxycodone 20mg 2x a day) I also do about a gram to 1.5 of heroin a day. So yep, I was feeling like shit! Now I don't know what the hell is going on, I'm the type of person who researches things before doing it, but I'm also the type of person to try anything once or twice to see if I really didn't like it.

Since you know or could imagine what I'm going through you'd understand. I had ingested 60mg of oxycodone yesterday (I don't know why I didn't save any) I rarely withdrawal. That being said, I did one hell of a pill cocktail. I've taken 4 klonopin (4mg) clonodine (.01mg~1) and I just crushed up Wellbutrin (300mg). This sounds absolutely stupid, but the Wellbutrin gives me energy and not want to lay around all day like I have the flu, clonodine stopped my hot cold flashes, RLS and the sweats, the klonopins just put everything at ease since it's a benzo. I read many people say snoring Wellbutrin gives cocaine like effects, it is a stimulant and I actually enjoy the way I feel right now.

Keep in mind, I'm not condoning this method, I'm simply sharing my experience. I am highly educated with drugs and know what and what can't my body handle. That being said please keep your "oh my god that's a good way to have a seizure snorting Wellbutrin" yes I know it can cause seizures that's why I only took 300mg when the seizure threshold is 400mg in a day or at once will possibly give you a seizure. Honestly, I want to get off all of my pain meds I just don't know where to start. I refuse methadone since I've heard horror stories about people withdrawing for 30 days. Suboxone/subutex causes me to have severe migraines and just makes me feel like the show walking dead. I can quit heroin any time, I've quit multiple times for months and some cases year or so. If anyone has any advice on what other avenues to take to hopefully get off all of the narcotics (plus I'm only in my mid twenties). Marijuana is suppose to legalize in my state come 2016 if that does happen I will be so stoked, but I have to deal with my pain until then...

Pain Management for 9 years (herniated disc L4&L5 and nerve damage in lower back that passes through left leg to foot) also diagnosed with panic disorder I've been on alprazolam (Xanax) for 7 years (I've tried klonopin and other benzos, but realize I have panic attacks not just acute or moderate anxiety). I just need advice on the pain medication because I absolutely hate going with out, which I've stated it rarely happens. I could count on one hand me going completely without anything. I'm just glad I have the meds I stated above to help with the withdrawal.