Obamacare Open Enrollment


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Nov 5, 2015
El Pueblo Loco
I'm also going to post this in Mental Health. I'm not spamming and I'm certainly not trying to irritate anyone. I'm just someone who is surprised at the misinformation out there and I will gladly accept PMs from anyone with any questions. I am not a navigator and I would strongly suggest working with one so that you find the best coverage for you at a price point available for you.

In states that did not expand Medicaid (my state, Florida, did not) the income cutoff for a subsidy (officially a "tax credit") for a single person is $12,071 to $48,284. Meanwhile, further cost-sharing reductions in terms of copays and deductibles go into force between $12,071 and $24,142. So in other words, you can earn as little as $12,071 and qualify for pretty generous government assistance.

If your state did expand Medicaid and your income is below $12,071, you need to check with whichever department administers Medicaid in your state to verify eligibility and income requirements. Unfortunately, Florida, being Florida, disallows any able-bodied persons without dependents Medicaid eligibility.