Recruitment NSPD wants YOU to help with the upcoming form pruning!


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Sep 14, 2009
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Dear reader, as the only NSPD mod, I am in need of the help of anyone who frequents this forum, to help save archive-worthy posts from certain destruction. That means YOU! No matter if you are a casual reader, a frequent poster, a lurker, or just someone who is in touch with their inner librarian, you too can contribute to saving the knowledge here in the the NSPD forum.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is just to bring anything that is worth keeping preserved to the attention of the staff. The easiest way to do it is by using the Report Post interface with the button found in the top right corner of every post (the one that looks like this:
). Please report any threads in this forum you would like to be preserved for posterity. Be sure to state clearly in the report-a-post box that you want it marked for archival as it could be awkward and confusing to end up locking/deleting a post someone intended to keep instead! Please also only report one post per thread (preferably the first post) if you would like the thread archived, it makes it easier to keep track of things for the staff then.

There are quite a few threads and posts here that have valuable information but likely equally as many that don't. Don't worry about the chaff, please only report posts that you are confident we should keep - or clearly illegal/offensive/spammy posts. Most old posts will be removed by default, so if there are any discussions you want to save, the next week or so is the last chance you have.
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Oct 13, 2005
Can we spare NSPD from the prune? aside from dresden's inane babblings, most of the posts in here are of a higher caliber than to be found in the rest BL.

The bar for content here is set higher in NSPD, the very nature of the place tends to attract those of more intellectual bent than elsewhere on BL.

And the obvious crap tends to get deleted, and things that don't belong here but aren't utter shit of no use to anyone moved to wherever it is they belong. So this subforum is sort of self-purifying if that makes sense. I move that we spare NSPD from being butchered. Surely it could be left out and the overall gains in the database efficiency not suffer drastically, for NSPD is a lower traffic subforum than the other BL subfora. If it alone were to be spared the pruning, BL would not suffer for it?