Heroin newb here, never did it....should i try it?


Mar 28, 2015
Wow 4 years, quite the bump..
Made me lol.

^ depends on your locale, to a large extent. A lot of the heroin that's been seized in recent decades has been decent high in diacetylmorphine content, actually
Huh, interesting. Surprisingly I never actually researched heroin enough to get an idea of the average street quality, like I do with most drugs.


Jan 6, 2013
Should I try Heroin?
You're a chronic pain patient being prescribed Oxycodone depending on your opioid plan if there is one with your Dr then you just may get the chance to try Morphine on it's own. Ensure you take an equivalent dose to your Oxy and make sure this is your first dose of the day powdered on an empty stomach......I can't remember if you said you vary or use a ROA other than oral so assuming just oral you will have to experiment with the Morphine because its oral BA is poor in comparison to Oxycodone but Morphine will give you a feel for an aspect of the Heroin experience mostly the increased sedation and less stimulation.

It sounds like that is the most likely way you are going to score something close but say you do come across Heroin and it's good then frankly you probably shouldn't try Heroin. You may end up experiencing excellent pain relief and us chronic pain patients have our pain to back our bullshit up when it comes to finding an excuse to use opioids/opiates. It could be the ultimate excuse, dismissing the addict screaming at you not to do it.

But Human contract, mate could you clear something up for me - How the fuck are you sober when "Even though I take Oxycodone regularly due to pain?"

Are you and like me? You were a former Junkie or drug addict or whatever but never used opioids/opiates and after 4 clean years from that life have ended up in chronic pain and made the awful choice to take pain meds knowing you're an addict?

I had 9 clean years from everything but mostly Meth and knowingly made that choice to treat my physical pain medicinally, I would do it all again if I had to but I would have paced myself a lot better. These drugs are shit when it comes to tolerance , they are excellent for acute pain but problematic to say the least for treating chronic pain. One really has to accept an addiction and the Dr should be proactive and rotate your drugs, anything to keep that dosage down and the analgesia up!

Rant over, Take care HC.