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Heroin New to iv some beginner questions....


Dec 2, 2018
I’ve been snorting and smoking h for awhile now. I enjoy smoking it but I can tell I’m burning most of it away. Snorting is the easiest but I just don’t feel like I’m getting what I need. And financially it’s taking a major toll. I’ll do 10+ bags a day and I just can’t keep up monetarily. I’ve gone the I’ve route before but it was always with a friend who set up everything for me. They’re clean now so I would never want to jeopardize their sobriety.
So I just have some basic questions about getting started....
1. I see there are several different types and numbers... idk what it is that I’m there is a name on it but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post that on here. What I will say it is a light tan color and in powder form and in water most of it does dissolve. Would I put a whole pouch worth in?
2. Do I need citric acid? Is there a particular brand? And how much do I need?
3. What size needle would you recommend? I have very tiny veins... I’ve had issues even with nurses when getting blood drawn for lab work.

Thanks for reading thru this lengthy post! I hope I’m not repeating a thread that’s already been posted.
Also if anyone who’s familiar with the process would be so kind to DM to to give me more tips it would be greatly appreciated it!
Thanks again and have a great week


Oct 31, 2020
There are special pdfs about harm reduction and safe injections, there all of this questions explained correctly. Make a little effort by yourself please, and you'll find everything easily I'm sure. Be careful, heroin pretty easy to overdose using IV.


Moderator: CEPS
Staff member
May 18, 2020
If it’s readily water-soluble, it’s heroin #4, and you definitely don’t want to add citric acid.

In regards to veins, have you tried hydrating and exercising or using a tourniquet? The higher the gauge, the smaller diameter, so you would want to try to find 31 gauge.

If you’re already starting with tiny veins, this path is probably not something you want to go down. The financial devastation is always better than the physical devastation, at least the cardiovascular system that allows you life will be healthy and intact to continue your survival on this planet.


Moderator: BDD, OD, EADD, LAVA
Staff member
May 12, 2010
What part of the world do you live in @Llyrose772 ?

This can be significant as it determines what type of heroin you're likely to have access to.

There are basically two main types of heroin you need to know about - #3 and #4

#3 is commonly found in the UK and Europe and is designed for smoking. It's usually a brown colour and doesn't dissolve readily in water unless an acid is added such as citric or ascorbic. It can be snorted, but I believe this is quite wasteful due to its non solubility (I've never snorted brown so cant comment really).

#4 is normally what you get in the USA and being water soluble, is more suited for IV use but doesn't smoke too well unless caffeine is added. It is also very effective when snorted. The downside is that if you're in the states, then there's a very high probability that it has been adulterated with fentanyl and you stand a good chance of dying.

It's hard to say from your description what type you've been getting, but if it smokes well then my advice would be to try to improve your smoking technique so that you're not wasting it.

If it is #3 and you need to add acid to dissolve it for IV, use ascorbic (vitamin C) rather than citric as it is much kinder to your veins. Use only a tiny amount - less than a match head size. Don't be tempted to keep adding more until it all dissolves because all you're doing is dissolving undesirable adulterants - these should be filtered out rather than dissolved for injection.

Basically, there's a lot to learn and by the time you perfect the art it may be too late.

Best not to bother really...


Aug 10, 2020
I dont have the link at the moment but a simple google search will pull up either a link to read online or download a pdf, it's called "Getting Off Right". It's a very good read, easy to understand and explained very well. It definitely helped me when I was starting off down that road by myself. Saved me many nights of frustration and helplessness caused by becoming a fukking pin cushion when I couldn't hit.

I’ve gone the I’ve route before but it was always with a friend who set up everything for me. They’re clean now so I would never want to jeopardize their sobriety.
Thank you for that.