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Story new jerusalem


Aug 28, 2019
i remember seeing the video with the birds first. i didnt think about disease or sickness but the overall color of it disgusted me. black birds in a messy flock in front of a brown sky no sun. didnt like it. neither did the owner of the company. no one believed him when he said it carries the disease vecause no one wants to listen to a billionare, we learned that the great divide between all people is money after all. he spoke of himself like a rejected messenger but we carried him as a broken prophet, someone who thought they had a third eye but really had all closed they would say online. no one but those at his level or higher cared for him, atleast explicitly. me and everyone else still ordered from his website and we still used his services, but no one liked him really. honestly it is hard to describe the situation he gave us but with time it started to clear up; the video with thebirds really did have something malicious in it, even thinking about it i feel an uneasy nausea like on a boat. i remember when my friend started getting sick, she would text me about how she coudnt get up from her bed and how she would hallucinate, seeing grunting pigs at her door and floating tusks and bones. i felt bad for her but i figured it would end or something, like she would get better, but it persisted for six days and on the seventh my dog died after vomiting his food; i gave him pork because of the pigs hannah was seeing. after my dog died i was sad for a bit, that same day my other friend told me he fell while trying to get up in the morning and couldnt use his legs which i thought was lame. he told me he had a fever and would hallucinate at night. the first night he saw a floating hat which made him cry while we were on the phone (i never called hannah on the phone cause i didnt like her). the second night the hat was still there but it was on fire and smelled like a carcass. after the second night i woke up at seven cause i had to pee but like my friend i fell and had to crawl back in. i wet the bed and threw up a few hours later. i broke the news to hannah and my other friend that i had caught the mysterious plague, hannah started crying saying her cat had dided and now her sister and mother had been rendered bedridden, my other friend told me that his siblings had all caught it and that his dog had died too. i thought about the fucking video and if it was actually the cause and if the billionare was right. the nights would get worse after that, and i would stay in bed so long that eventually the mattress hurt my body, it felt like earth and my pillow felt like stone. fucking screaming birds would come at night at my window and peck at the sill, swine grunts would fill the room and the tusks that hannah would see started flying all over my body. this persisted for a week fucking week and on the seventh day of suffering my mom told me that my other friend had died due to the sickness and hannah had recovered. that was the last day that i had fever or nausea and i slept well that seventh night. the eighth day i woke up at about 7 am to go pee and i walked for the first time by myself after a week. it felt amazing and i told hannah who cried for us. she told me her mom died and her sister healed, and she said it was the worst week in her entire life, and i agreed.


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May 12, 2010
I really like that post for some reason...