New Forum News: Vaping Discussion

Greetings, Bluelight!

With long-standing excitement, I'd like to announce the creation of a new platform for discussing the rising cultural phenomenon of vaping. Primarily applied to the rising global prevalence of "electronic cigarettes," vaping represents one of the more visible harm reduction hot topics across the world.

The new forum, entitled Vaping Discussion, pertains to all discussion surrounding the science, news, health, culture, safety, hardware, etc. of electronic cigarettes/mods/APVs/ENDS/whatever you'd prefer they be called! :)

As a special nod to the long-standing practice of vaping as it presents in the communities of our Cannabis-consuming members, the parent forum 'Vaping Discussion' includes a sub-forum within it for all things related to vaping cannabis, and is called Cannabis Vaping Discussion.

Though I'll be spending a great deal of time involving myself with both forums as they start up and begin to expand and evolve, we've appointed two moderators whose duties lie within one of the two new forums.

Laika is returning to staff to oversee Vaping Discussion, whilst Captain.Heroin picks up his third mod stick for Cannabis Vaping Discussion. Join me in welcoming them both!

I hope everyone finds these new ventures worthwhile and fulfilling.

Kindest regards,
~ Vaya