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Need tips on how to boost my credit

Hugs For Drugs

Aug 4, 2019
Any one know any legit ways make your credit go up?

Please share them it will be highly appreciated


Sep 5, 2019
In a hot air balloon 🎈
You can hire a credit repair company for $75 a month. Realtors know the best ones and recommend them to clients looking to qualify for better homes. Lots of bad items get deleted due to loopholes and harassment from the company. Many creditors report illegally and for way too long

Get a secured credit card and pay that shit religiously.

Take out a small loan and pay it off religiously.

Start taking small chunks out of your debt.


Aug 21, 2020
My dad put me as an authorized user on one of his cc accounts 5 years ago and I still benefit from it. Though I don't have a card or access to his credit line, my credit goes up everytime he pays it on time.
If you can get some kind of credit, even a prepaid cc..
1. Never miss a payment
2. Keep your balance (how much u actually use of the cards total limit) under 10% always. Under 5% is even better. If you have a $500 limit, don't rack >$50 at a time and pay that down every damn month but still make sure you use it regularly.
3. Request a report from each bureau/agency. You get 1 free a year I think.
More info here.
4. If you have bad juju on one or more of ur reports, you can either dispute it, and they might drop it, or negotiate a lower amount if its debt.. there's options but after 7 years its all dust in the wind anyway so sometimes that's the easiest route to just wait till it goes away.


Jun 30, 2019
Saudi Arabia
Take little debts and pay them back. Like just take the debt and pay it ahead of the deadline, some money you have already in your pocket.
Like 100 dollars a month.
In year or two you'll have perfect credit.


Bluelight Crew
Aug 31, 2006

^ follow these. there's no big mystery to it, it's just a matter of building a solid history of credit repayment.

credit cards are a good way to build history as long as you charge something on them each month and pay it off on time.

the good news about credit cards is that you get a grace period with no interest charges between the time you receive the statement and the listed due date for that amount. that means, as long as you repay what you charged on time, you won't feel punished for having shitty credit.

having said that, past delinquencies stay on your credit report for seven years, so you can improve your credit score in the meantime but lenders could still punish you with higher interest rates until the seven years have passed.


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Mar 7, 2011
The Belly of The Beast
Just start small and don't bite off more than you can chew. No big fat car loans. Just a little line of credit and a credit card that you pay off most of every month.

Lest you stumble into a pit of debt like myself and wreck your score. Couldn't even get an auto loan from my own bank this time around.


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Feb 8, 2006
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Pay your bills on time, all of them, always

Get a credit card if you don't have one. Buy something with it every month and pay it off completely every month. This will help you to build your credit. Most cards will raise your limit as you pay your bills on time and do a good job, and that raises your credit every time. As your credit rises, you can get another credit card, you'll get offers, wait for a good one. Always research online any company you are thinking about getting a credit card from, as some of them are shit.

The more accounts you have open, the better it reflects on your credit. That being said, though... you must absolutely not, under any circumstances, start thinking about that credit as free money. Use it in an emergency or in your monthly purchases that you pay off, only. Trust me when I say being buried in credit can happen, and it can happen quick, and it feels horrible.

Having a good credit score is a beneficial/helpful thing in life, sadly. The credit card companies are so predatory. But sometimes in life you need to get a loan, or buy something (replace a hot water heater than busted for example, or buy a new car/put a downpayment on one/whatever, or a pet or hell, yourself gets hurt or sick), and you don't have the money. Credit is very useful and helpful then. And in order to get decent rates on loans, and especially on a mortgage if you want to buy a house, you need very good credit. So it's a game I think you should play, it's worth doing, just don't fall into the trap of uncontrolled debt.