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Football NCAA College Football 20-21 v. TBD


Feb 22, 2000
Getting to the point ...
Damn...didn't even pay attention to that game, looks like it was a fun one going to the wire with a 1pt differential.

*sigh* looks like this college football season is just me an mal. But we'll make due.

Always goes better when there are meltdowns to enjoy:

NSFW: It’s Meltdown Time! Week 1

Speed D huh? Getting carved up by a piece of shit KSU team. Remember they lost at home to Arkansas State.

It’s about like having Donald Trump on Defense

Ksu is not a good team. Our defense is shit. We can’t even tackle a midget RB. It doesn’t look like we’re even trying on defense today.

I’ll take, ‘What the fuck are you doing for $2000’.....Alex.

Does this mean we’re about as good as Arkansas State?

A quarter full stadium just praying your team will stop giving up 4th quarter TD after 4th quarter TD to a team that lost to a Sun Belt team....this must be what it feels like to be an okie state fan. Fuck, we suck on defense.

Lincoln Riley is the god damn Falcons

I might eat two edibles tonight.

I am here for the porn bombs now.

This just, I can’t. I cannot. We lost homeboy. Got our asses thoroughly kicked. Don’t act like a bitch. Last year means fuck all now.

On Second Thought, It’s clear that that playing CFB during Covid is Irresponsible
Frankly, I’m SHOCKED and DISGUSTED by all of you who elevate something as meaningless and random as CFB above the safety of players, students and fans. Furthermore, you ALL are clearly racistsexisthomophobes. Think of the children. Cancel the season.

As the Valley burns.
LSU is back to not having a quarterback again. Normalcy is restored, I declare the pandemic to now be over.

NSFW: It’s Meltdown Time! Week Two

Tom Herman is a bitch and I’ll tell him that to his face. Go do a line and let your nuts drop coward. What a wimpy ass possession.

so defense gets thte stop we need and offense swallos its own dick.

Run off the field you stupid motherfuckers. You aren’t worthy of the eyes of texas.

Tom Herman sucks, TCU owns us, the Big 12 is an abortion, and I’d just like to say “Hi” to the good people of college football meltdown. Now, I’ll log off and kill myself.

If we win the SJW award will we put that up in the stadium? Nice use of the spring, NOT!!!

Biggest problem I see is too many guys wearing orange shirts who don’t have the brain of a pissant

I blame all the primo pussy on campus

Imagine the money that Herman can make selling punches to the head at the end games.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck this fucking year.

Every time I see a job listing that looks good, but I don’t quite meeting the requirements for, I think of Tom and go ahead and apply. If he can get paid millions for faking it, we all can.

Someone please list for me the number of Mensa members who were great football coaches. I’ll hang up and listen.

let me just finish hitting my dick with this hammer and I’ll be right with you

People are just nose blind to the smell from sniffing their own farts. This program is a shit pile with old crusty Mack Brown and Charlie Strong turds under Herman’s diarrhea.

Is money spent on a new FB building really a better investment in the program than paying Gus to leave?

7 Million! The cost of mediocrity!

I’ve prepared my anus appropriately. I’m ubmeltable tonight

This shit is over.
They are bigger and meaner than us. Oh well. Fuck you fuck me


Fire-Gus.com is available to buy for like $5 for anyone interested

What kind of fucking play calling was that? That’s some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched every god forsaken down of Gus Malzahn’s shitass head coaching tenure.

We must have covid

The most painful thing about this is we know we are going to lose and we have to hope next year will be different. Wait another fucking year to lose again. Fuck all this. Fuck Gus.

2012 called. It wants its vagina back.

Could someone just taze Gus on camera?

Im going with...we suck ass-balls, so what ever we do from here on out that doesn’t suck ass-balls, comes out as a sorta win!
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