Natural Plant Energy Chat


Dec 1, 2018
Returning to the Source
Are you the type that craves a boost in your daily life? I used to be an entire pot coffee type drinker back when I brewed it at home. Well maybe not the entire pot but I sure finished the entire brew everytime.

Now this isn't solely about caffeine so please think outside the box here a bit.

This chat is open to plant sources that provide natural boosting without any adverse side effects. Coffee for me is excluded as there are a shit ton of adverse side effects however I can see how it can be medicinal for certain people and want to share a video about that. But please know it is like an addictive substance for me and I cannot do it in moderation but it's more like I understand it to be not ideal for me even in moderation as I am of a higher level energy type. I also know it steals my yang and does not replenish what it takes.

No I am not the guy in the video and it is not a commercial lol.

I was taking cordyceps a few weeks back, took it for a couple months, two bottles in a row, however I cannot say it did anything noticeable but I was taking a plethora of other things alongside it. I learned that the product I was using was full of starches which basically rendered it not medicinal, some guy did an iodine test on it from Amazon.