My friends have lost it!


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Mar 12, 2000
Originally posted by sonic_reality:
what the fuck????? i didn't start this topic, for people to go on about how my friends are depressed.

anyway, how did depression come into this topic?? i was asking if people had had the same experiences as me with regard to my friends.

Raving Loony

Jan 21, 2002
Melbourne, Australia
sonic_reality that is too sad. All you can I recommend that you do is send postcards and just let them know you love them.


Nov 6, 2002
yeah, i've been calling them a lot lately! well, the one who is not going so hard anymore.

he is still taking drugs, but nowhere near the amount he was taking before i went over!
i spose that also has something to do with him being kicked out of the house he was renting, and having to move back in with his parents. hehe, i bet that was a wakeup call!
i spoke to him today, and his parents sent him down to innisfail(bout 2 hours away from cairns) for a week, to keep him away from drugs. it didn't work tho, caus he scored as soon as he got back :\ but ata least he aint going so hard anymore, i spose thats something good!

and apparantly my other friend who was tripping for like 4 weeks straight has finally come down. and what a comedown it would have been 8( 8o
altho the friend i spoke to today, said that all my other mates are still going as hard as ever :( even the trippin dmt god who is the captain of the pirate ship(see the first post) is still goin hard too, he's just not so out of it anymore :\

but i'm sort of over it now. i've realised there is really nothing i can do about it from over here, and if i was the only thing holding them back while i was there, then it was time i left. i can't babysit them forever!
at least one of my mates has slowed down a bit! :D


Dec 30, 2003
Expanding this subject...

Probably the most important thing for someone who's getting in over their head with the substances is to have people that also use, but have control over their use, to talk with.

My cocaine use (a few months now, I really love it!!) increased quite a bit, to every day for the last week or so. Incidentally, er, LUCKILY, early in this binge, I stumbled upon BL, the same night I had snorted a lot (for me). The first thread I read clearly described symptoms of coke OD. Good thing someone said "if you're feeling these things, it's time to put the straw down for a while". So I did.

Already, I'm reducing how much I use. Every day, I've come to BL to research, learn, and understand.

I can continue doing something I love; I just can't do it all the time. And I can't do it forever, or I won't have a septum!! Gotta love BL!!!