My Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome timeline, history and theory


Mar 27, 2003
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Hi guys, I want to talk seriously about Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome which is a legit medically published condition that was first described in the early 2000?s.

I have had it 3 times in exactly 10 years, and there doesn't seem to be much first hand info or widespread knowledge of this very real and very horrible sickness. I have needed medical care twice and will outline what happened leading up to the sickness coming on each of the three times.

Please note** anti-emetic drugs like Stemetil etc. don't always work there is a tablet called Nexium (Esomeprazol) that stops too much stomach acid and this has helped a little. The only other things that help all are very, very hot water and absolutely no smoking for at least 24 hours.

These common denominators were present over the past 10 years just prior to getting CHS symptoms:

Weight Loss - 3/3 times CHS came on I was in the middle of a diet/losing weight, this is I think the main cause - THC can stay in your fat cells for months and when you lose weight it is released and comes flooding back into your system along with the new cannabinoids you smoke and you are essentially overdosing. This is very important because all three times this has happened I was losing weight and on a diet (symptoms were not caused by change in diet or lack of food, water etc.)

Bongs - 3/3 times CHS happened I was smoking between 30-50 cones of very strong hydro cannabis daily (i'm embarrassed to admit this) never happened with joints

Kush Strains/Purple Strains 3/3 times CHS came on I was smoking Kush and or Purple strains (1st time Purple Kush, 2nd time Purple Chemdawg, 3rd time Violator Kush)

Tobacco - 2/3 times I was smoking tobacco and the syndrome happened but I never mixed it with cannabis in a bong to consume only having a cigarette afterwards.

Angostura Bitters - 2/3 times the night before CHS came on I had consumed angostura bitters in water (no alcohol) and angostura bark is know to treath stomach disorders. I know it?s unlikely a cause but it was present and worth noting.

I'd bet my life it is to do with the THC in your fat cells flooding your system that causes this overdose, but these are just the common denominators present before all three episodes of CHS over 10 years.

FIRST CHS EPISODE 2008, I was smoking close to 40 cones of cannabis a day and 15 roll your own tobacco cigarettes. I got some Purple Kush and it was extremely strong, I loved it but after a week I would get these gassy burps and feel a sickly pressure was building in my stomach all the time not long after smoking. One morning I woke up and smoked a bong straight away and then I was anxious, ill, throwing up bile, shaking and I thought I was poisoned and the only relief I got was when I had a very hot bath, then when I would get out of it I would instantly feel ill again. I thought I was going crazy.

My mother took me to the Dr's who had no idea what was going on, I was throwing up every minute and was in a bad state, the Dr. gave me an anti-emetic injection and some Nexium tablets and I got better and quit bongs from that day forwards and resumed smoking joints a few weeks later with no ill effects. I thought the whole thing was from contaminated cannabis I had consumed and nothing bad happened until September 2016.

SECOND CHS EPISODE I learned about CHS sometime in 2011 and couldn't believe other people had experienced the same symptoms and relief from very hot water. At this time I stupidly bought a bong and got up to smoking close to 30 cones a day of Purple Chemdawg until the exact same symptoms occurred, I felt them coming on though early and only had a brief bought of vomiting and I immediately quit smoking and threw out my bong and didn't need medical intervention this time, but it scared me because weeks afterwards, out of the blue despite not smoking cannabis this nausea would hit me.

THIRD CHS EPISODE November 2018 I stupidly bought a bong again and some Violator Kush and was up close to consuming 40 cones a day and the same thing happened again, I know I must be insane to keep pushing myself to this. I awoke last Sunday morning with nausea, that feeling of anxiety and the sick pressure in my stomach, I smoked a pipe and made a coffee and then began throwing up, lots of bile and I couldn't keep any liquids down. I booked in to see my GP and had a very hot shower and then felt amazing and cancelled the appointment. After an hour the symptoms came back and I showered again but the relief only lasted 10 minutes. I took an anti-nausea tablet and but threw it up, then I booked into the GP again.

I explained to the GP that I was ill with CHS and they thought I was bonkers and questioned me thoroughly about other drug use. I explained my history and the situation where I was at the clinic and she gave me an injection of Stemetil and some Nexium and I slept in the observation room for 20 mins and felt better and went home.

So that is my history. I'm on a long cannabis break now and I truly hope this info can be used or at the very least considered by serious medical researchers, as I've had this three times I personally feel very alone and on the cutting edge of understanding and dealing with this very real 'thing' and I really want to get the word out there. Thank you very much guys for reading and I would really like to hear what you think.


Bluelight Crew
Nov 4, 2010
Northern Europe
If it's only happened 3 times in 10 years, isn't it more likely to be a food poisoning or stomach infection than caused by the cannabis in particular. Also, smoking 50 cigarettes of anything a day will make you feel nauseous now and then.


Oct 13, 2005
I've never had such issues with most cannabinoids, but CB1 agonism is a pretty effective way to go about the treatment of nausea/vomiting, so it stands to reason that if one allows for sufficient consumption, or a sufficiently potent agonist to significantly desensitize CB1 receptors, then one is going to get the inverse effect.

I have experienced something similar myself, after screwing around with 5F-CUMYL-PINACA for too long, and could quite definitely trace a time course connected with it, its ultrapotent, and very, very short acting, and if used for too long (which with this stuff, isn't long at all, 2-3 milligrams used over 2-3 days is as far as I'd say it's safe-ish to push it with this stuff, too much more quite obviously caused quite severe downregulation of cannabinergic receptors, and the very short duration made it easy to exclude food causes, and indeed, to time the onset to within 5-10 minutes or so, so IMO really overdoing it with cannabinoids doesn't seem unlikely, given the antiemetic, antinauseant and pro-feedant activity of agonists at CB1.

It was a most unpleasant experience, some of the worst, most violent vomiting I've ever experienced, hard enough to be bloody at times, although IM ondansetron helped some.