Mushrooms - First Time - First time mushroom trip


Jul 27, 2018
So I have always been kind of afraid to try psychodellics. I went over to my good friends house and we were sitting out back drinking beers and enjoying the weather. She then told me she had an ounce of shrooms and asked if I wanted to do some with her. I said sure she ran inside and came back with a ziplock bag full of these dried up loooking things. I took a handful and drank in down with my beer, it tasted awful. I then took another handful and had a smoke. About a half hour or so later her boyfriend came through the gate coming home from work. As soon as he got through the gate we both started laughing hysterically. He simply said you guys got into the shrooms didn't you. I remember looking around and everything was super vivid. Then I remember the music that was playing, I could feel it literally pulsating in my ears. I sat and enjoyed the feeling. I then went a grabbed more mushrooms. It had become dark by now and I started feeling anxious. So I jumped their fence and ran home. I jumped in the shower and when getting out I literally bent the shower rod in half. I then went to lay in bed, could not fall asleep just kept rolling all over getting really frustrated. After what seemed like ages I finally passed out.

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