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Most efficient way to use "fluffy cream #3" heroin? Current ROA seems wastefull


Sep 16, 2020
With regards to heating the spoon, DO IT!!!!!Can't stress how important this step is!
Plenty of water, around 8m for a 1ML hit 160m for a 2ML syringe.
Burning until it boils kills a ton of germs and viruses etc and it is the single most important safety measure.
Just make sure you use some (a pinch) of citric acid or a little more (1/10 of a teaspoon) of vitamin powder.
If it's strong gear, hit half of it, if you've got a tolerance, give it the whole hit!
I took your advice on heating the spoon,
The mixture would begin to fizzle and id back off the flame abit, im just worried about vaporising unnecessary gear. If there is a chance it can mitigate risk and result in a cleaner end result im game for that!
Anyway for future ill try the foil method, its hard to find a good clear video or image guide unfortunately.