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Opioids Morphie advice please


May 27, 2017
The 5th dimension
Ok today i have had 50mg MST Continus 5mg tablets and i am not feeling anything. I normally have around 300mg codeine per day but havent been able to this weekend so have got morphine as an alternative. I know that codeine is much less potent, however thats not the reason for the thread.

I today have had about 40mg crushed up MST tablets dissolved in cola then downed the hatch, also i have had 20mg diazepam and i only feel the diazepam, also smoking weed.

I do all this for pain relief chronic slipped discs, i refuse the op and have the chance to be paralzyed for life.

Now what is the best way to get the best effect of taking the MST morphine ? Its prolonged release. 5mg

I get a more buzz feeling from the 300mg codeine i take, but i want to get the desired effect i get from codeine to help me forget my pain.

Please help i dont want to just take all these. I have 8 5mg tablets left and 4 10mg zomorph


Sep 30, 2017
I know there has to be someone out there with more info than me but I do know once you're no longer opioid naive (regular 300mg codeine for sure putting you in that category) you are not going to feel that "buzz" from the extended release morphine. You can barely feel it to begin with even when it's the first opioid you've ever tried. The extended release formula is intentionally made this way. Now as far as anything you can do to change that I must let someone else answer because I really don't have experience on that. :-/ hopefully you'll get someone else in here that knows a bit more.


Mar 6, 2014
This is a tarp.
There is an opioid conversion chart somewhere around here and hopefully someone good at maths will recommend a dosing for meantime however just curious about this, this change is just a few days until codeine gets back and on as usual right?

Mate, you might want to put looking for a buzz to one side for now and don't take more than one , hive it some time and have a few spliffs until pain subsides enough to think straight.

I got 2 burst discs and relate, valium was a hell of a lot better long term and a cortisone shot.


Jun 14, 2016
United Kingdom
Oral Morphine has a low bioavailability so you're gonna find your self using higher than normal doses. Personally I think Oral Morphine is rubbish it's only good IV'd, you'd get better relief and a better "buzz" from Dihydrocodeine as its twice the strength of Codeine.

Personally I'd choose Dihydrocodeine over Oral Morphine any day! However I'm prescribed Oxycodone which is better than both of the aforementioned. Are you prescribed Codeine / MST yeah?