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Millions of years ago. I waz Ere


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Mar 18, 2018
Onda Cona
Just popping back on
After ~20 years? Dammit, man. Well.., welcome back. Still got some of them t-shirts? :D
Looks like imma get older here. Spending every spare moment here is relaxing, comforting and encouraging. Been busy of late and will probably be here a bit less but will most likely die of natural causes and be replaced by another lost soul looking for open and honest (optimally) information, guidance and useful anecdotes of others experiences with most anything. By all means, add some seeds of hope for a mf. lol I certainly and obviously need this.
Be careful and don't take candy from strangers (like me in the past).
Best wishes, dude.


Nov 16, 2019
Buying Real Estate In Imaginary Places
I'm a former BL'er from the past too. I stopped utilizing my old account after someone on campus figured out my online identity. I'll never post a pic of a new tattoo on BL again. Lesson learned...
I always thought about that to when it came to posting things. I don't think I ever posted images on my old account for that reason. Now a days when I made this account I used proton mail & I access BL using TOR browser. I do occasionally upload images now but I strip metadata & use IMGUR generally. I'm not to worried about that anyway as I'm just posting cannabis pics that I worry so little about I let em go through my Google photos. ;) I'm sorry to hear about your situation though. That's a much worse reason to stop with an account as opposed to me just losing access to it. It's good to see you returned though. (y)