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Methamphetamine: Proper Usage, Noob Q's


Jun 15, 2015
Wherever you go, there you are.
Hi, I'm not really super new at smoking meth, but up until recently I've always had someone else hold the flame to the pipe for me. Now I can do it alone if I'm looking in a mirror, but my question is: How close to hold the flame and how long is too long when you're hitting it jst once? Because I have some lungs, ha. Everyone comments on how big of hits I get, which is weird because these people have been using for years on years.
If it turns brown when it's liquid does that mean it's burnt or it's just super cut? How to avoid burning it? How fast to spin the pipe, how hard you just suck? I guess I kinda get high, not in the head though like years ago when I used to use moore frequenty. Definatey more focused, sleepless and loss of apettite. Everyone around me gets super spun off the same stuff, though. Thoughts?

I know, a lot of questions, but anything would be helpful. Thank you!


Oct 7, 2005
Moving to other drugs. North and South American social and drug discussion is not the place for this topic.

After moving this thread I saw how you already posted it in other drugs, and basic drug discussion. Next time just use the search engine, as people have probably asked these questions before, and stay safe.
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