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Methamphetamine Discussion Thread 4.0

Sonya Peterson

Jul 9, 2019
Ok meth monster reporting for duty.

Where my shaddow people at

I was playing a stupid "test your will power" game.

Mainly becoz it was not a good time to indulge when it became available and finally got some me time.

Fuckn worth it

Best i ever had

And thats a good thing as its been pretty good anyway.

Apparently our west there has been a shortage but I had no idea as not really looking.

Blah blah and stuff. Things.

Have a good evening!
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Aug 15, 2019
this gear is pretty good. Big cloudy shards and the shot I booted had he gagging and begging before my stomach lurched and I was ripped up off the carpet into the cluster fuck of oblivion
I'm now smoking meth now, and oblivion is beyond the clouds of the sacred shard. Here, today now!!!! 45% off lumber liquidators we will not be undersold. Half off all furniture and appliances, so get in here FOR SUNDAYS, MONSTER JAM @ a KFC arena near you. Ps kids eat free. Nah jk


Nov 4, 2008
Melbourne AU
LOL not rocks that big Andy!

What would be the weight of the gear in that photo?

Like half an ounce plus?

Did you find that photo on the web or was it literally taken with your smartphone Andy?
Aug 15, 2019
When I smoke meth, it gives me ALL
Also now smoking now. All shit aside, once I had been on a 5 day bender and I spent around 6 or 7 hours, like the entire daytime thinking a roommate called the cops at 5 in the morning and spent the day hearing a swat helicopter circling the house endlessly making low passovers and seeing policemen with AR 15s aiming at me through the window telling me to put my hands up or they would shoot, I panicked and did as I was told, and then apparently my boyfriend walks in the bedroom and is freaked the fuck out to see me lying on the bed but with my torso and arms jutting parallel to the mattress, it freaked him out obviously, never having seen stim psychosis before. He told me endlessly that day there were no cops, no helicopters, nothing and I'd say cool then the cops were at the door armed again and a fucking social worker looking lady with a clipboard starts asking questions, and then he's telling me nobody is there again and this looped for most of the day. Eventually he made me take a seroquel for obvious reasons, and about 20 minutes later I just realise "WTF, my house has been under siege by the cops/feds/whatever for hours and hours and they haven't even came in yet or anything? Wait, this is a bunch of stupid bullshit". Then I went to sleep. Could've found a better thread for this probably, but posted anyways


Apr 28, 2005
^At least when I had my freak out, it was only aliens trying to capture me in a laser beam, and me yelling "what do u want me for, I don't know nothin' ?"
But a social worker with a clip board ? That's fucked up.
You need a rest.
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