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Methadone mechanism of inducing perspiration


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Mar 21, 2013
abyss of sobriety
This is an annoying side effect many on methadone maintenance get. I am on just 30mg/d now. What is the biochemical mechanism responsible for? Might metha increase acetylcholine transmission? As anticholinergics inhibit sweating. Using a disso with anticholinergic properties along metha potentiated constipation and abolished sweating. Nicotine OD comes along with excess cold sweating too, even when this hits nicotinic receptors vs. muscarinic ones.

Had somewhat similar side effects from SSRI ADs where I got recommended salvia extract or plain tea 🍵. Did nothing.

Anybody more clue and maybe found something which works for regulating transpiration? Shirts will feel like taken right out of washing machine even on a ☔y day like today.

Morphine did not or if then just very slightly cause this adverse effect, seems to be specific to methadone. Withdrawal from morphine is sweaty for sure, over(-ish) dose rather felt just cold, dysphoric and sucking all energy out. I have the weird feature to only nod by complete coincidence.

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Aug 29, 2016
I’m on oxy and get terrible sweats sometimes but I was putting that down to my body building up a tolerance and craving more but this is giving me something else to attribute it to as I can take 60mg and be sweaty an hour later which I was thinking was my body saying that dose had ran out time to take more
Thanks man


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Sep 14, 2009
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the more accurate term is "perspiration" i.e. sweating...

here is a pubmed case that suggests oxybutynin may be a treatment and that sweating is indeed a known side effect of methadone

presumably this is due to some cholinergic effect that methadone has, and other opioids lack

you could also see if xr morphine is an acceptable treatment option, in some cases that may be a 2nd line therapy